The Diablo Facebook Ransom is Paid: Part IX

April Fool’s or not, linkjacking or not, the Diablo Facebook page hit another 25,000 milestone, and thusly were two images fired forth to the Diablo fansites.

The artwork is a rerun, it’s DiabloWikiBrom‘s painting of an DiabloWikiActivated Vessel that was first seen (IIRC) in the Game Art Museum at Blizzcon in 2009, and then released in a high quality digital image on the Blizzcon 2010 press CD. Well, here it is again, in even higher quality. I uploaded this one over the shot we’ve had in the Diablo 3 Monster Art Gallery since last year, and you should really give the thumb a click, then click on the shot to see it full size, since it’s basically a digital poster: 1950?2685 pixels. The amount of detail in Brom’s artwork is amazing, when you take a minute to study the image.

Unlike the artwork, we’ve never seen the screenshot before, although like 99% of D3 screens, it shows a character, monster, skill, level, etc, we’ve seen in dozens of other screens, plus a gameplay movie. (One benefit of them releasing almost all their screens from the same areas; we’re going to have a lot of new things to see come gametime.) The shot includes a good bit of action in the center, where the Demon Hunter’s Multishot blast has just nailed a bunch of Cultists, finishing off one of them in a veritable fountain of dropped items, which are still falling to earth. The shot below is a cropped closeup of the impact zone; click it to see the full shot.

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