Diablo 3 was announced in June 2008, just about nineteen months ago. The game, or at least our knowledge of it, has come a long way since then, and with 2009 winding down, it’s only right to look back over the past year+, and review how far we’ve come. (Let’s try not to think too much of just how far we have yet to go.) We previously reviewed 2008, so click back for that, starting with the mysterious splash screens that counted down to the big WWI Paris announcement.

    The Diablo 3 Year in Review:
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    January 2009

    January 2009 started off well in terms of fan creations, with a very cool Diablo 3: Year One wallpaper, created by VioletJoker. Things were slower on the Diablo 3 news front. Early in the month CVG ran a nicely-produced article about the “Year of Blizzard,” with lots of quotes from Blizzard employees and info about their upcoming titles. Like most projections concerning Blizzard game release dates, this article has aged poorly, with nothing new from WoW, D3 still a mirage, and even the SC2 beta still pending.

    More impressive in a “bird in the hand” sort of way was this pin-up style concept art of the Female Witch Doctor, released through the SonsoftheStorm.com website that’s run by and for a few Blizzard artists.  Her most impressive feature? I vote for that anatomically-impossible hip-to-waist ratio!

    January 7th brought graphic evidence of the perils of a Diablo-drought, as we (me) tried to stir some conversation by comparing the covers of PC Gamer US vs. PC Gamer UK print magazines. They both featured the same Blizzard three-game cover art, but the captions were very different. What did it all mean, baby?! (Nothing whatsoever, most commenters sagely concluded.)

    January 8th brought another sign of the amazingly-enduring popularity of Diablo 2. Eight years on and it’s still the 6th most popular online game in the US, measured by time spent in online play?

    On the 14th the indispensable BlizzBlues.com went online. Created by one of our former co-workers here at IncGamers, Blizz Blues is our favorite “blue tracker,” and the source of virtually all of the Bashiok forum posts we link to from the news page.

    The next two weeks were dead in the water for major events, until the month ended in style. On the 29th Blizzard released 4 new wallpapers, featuring DiabloWikiTyrael, the world map, and two concept art views of DiabloWikiCaldeum. That was improved (?) upon the next day, when Bashiok createde the 1000 Pound Ghostbuster and the Rainbow Attack Unicorn fake screenshots. Each of these added enormously to our hopes and dreams for D3’s version of the DiabloWikiSecret Cow Level.

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    The Diablo 3 Year in Review:
    January, February, March, AprilMay, June, July, August, September, October, November and December.

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