Our 2009 year in review continues with the foolish fourth month, April. This month brought us the Archivist, conceptual plans for DiabloLand, the debut of Torchlight, and much more. Relive those and other moments in the summary below, and check back tomorrow for coverage of May 2009.

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    April 2009

    April kicked off with various April Fool’s jokes, both large and small. A fairly limp effort was this “Diablo 3 confirmed for the Wii” headline.  Much better were Blizzard’s own efforts, which included a new D3 character, the Archivist. DiabloWikiLorenado!

    Once the April Fool’s frivolity calmed down, more serious business began. On the 3rd Bashiok made an interesting forum post sharing some information from behind the scenes of the production of the WWI gameplay movie. Most of it was recorded in one take, it took numerous trial runs to show all the details, and some were still not quite perfect, such as when DiabloWikiSiegebreaker smashes through the wall to grab the one hapless NPC.

    The next week was quiet for major news, though Bashiok made a number of interesting forum posts. We add all the game info he reveals to the appropriate wiki pages. If you want to see his posts, you can use the appropriate news tag, or navigate the content-rich ones via the Media Coverage page, where they’re listed chronologically, with helpful blue color tags.

    On the 11th I proved that perhaps DiabloWikiArt Controversy jokes can go too far, with this post about the Diablo 3 Rainbow Mod.  Well I thought it was funny, anyway, more for the reactions of angry commenters than for the silly little program itself.

    On the 14th Blizzard revealed the winners of their Theme Park Contest, all of which were well worth a look. Diabloland!

    Bashiok posted some interesting info about decapitation and dismemberment on the 21st. Yes, your character will lose his or her head, from time to time.

    The 24th saw the debut of Torchlight, the new game by ex-Flagship and ex-Blizzard North guys, Runic Games. Its cartoonish-look initially divided fans, with some thinking it was something of a visual ripoff of the early, Color Controversy-spawning visuals from D3. That debate vanished long ago, and now that the game has been released (a Blizzard-baffling 9 months after it was announced!) most gamers were happy with it, at least partially thanks to the low, $20 price tag. Read all of our news items on Torchlight here, for more background info.)

    April 26th saw our most-commented on Guest Article to date. Is planning to drop out of school, or to take a month, or two, or six off of work just to play a game, even if that game is Diablo 3, insane? Or just What It Deserves? Opinions differed, but debate was lively.

    The 28th kicked off an interesting conversation in the comments, thanks to a news item in which a game designer (not with Blizzard) admitted that “We take too long to make games.” Is Blizzard guilty of the same sin? Opinions differed on this one as well, though to no one’s surprise, accusations of “fanboy” were soon thrown around.

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    The Diablo 3 Year in Review:
    January, February, March, AprilMay, June, July, August, September, October, November and December.

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