A fan on Reddit wrote up a short but useful article about his experience changing from Season One to Season Two on the PTR. The first PTR ladder season only ran for a few weeks, but for a dedicated player that was plenty of time to completely fill up all five stash tabs, which made for some interesting storage and character slot decisions when the season came to an end.

    Preview this to the first real season on Live, which will run for much longer than the PTR season and give players much, much more stuff to cram into their stashes. In the view of this guy and many players, The Diablo 3 stash is way too small.

    After PTR Season 1, I got that huge mailbox with items and started managing my Stash:

  • All mailed rares were instantly salvaged (I played barb/crusader on season and my non-season main classes were these as well, so no way they could be useful)
  • Sold half of crating mats, saved something like 4K of each type
  • Sold all the 1K stacks of marquise gems (already had Flawless Royals on non-season – at least for my main class)
  • Saved some new legs with the new affixes and good rolls (some 2H swords for testing)
  • Completed a few sets that were missing a few parts
  • With the actions above I could save everything I wanted, with a few observations:

  • On my first stash tab, I have one piece of each set (missing a few). As I play HC, if I die, the set I’m using is gone. It’s not really a problem once I can find it again while playing with other sets. Still, the tab is full and no chance to salvage anything.
  • On my second tab, I have general leg items. The only doubled item there is Maximus and Fulminator (with epic roll). If I salvage them and the rest of less useful items (Stalgard, Tyrael, Parthans), I would get 12 spaces or so. Not a lot to support an alt char, right? Then I thought, should I salvage Azure, Frostburn, cold Andy? Will I never play a cold build? Meh.
  • On my third tab, I have some alt gear. I played some WD and got those items. The tab is almost full. Again, not much space for another alt…
  • On my 4th tab, I got all the misc stuff (crafting mats, gems, Rift and GRift keys). I didn’t use those keys on season because I didn’t have gear for it. Now that they’re non-season, I can get rid of them. All the leg potions could be distributed to the alts.
  • On my 5th tab, I have some extra leg items and alt gear (specially those which were taken from season mail) and leg gems. All those legs aren’t repeated (the leg itself or the roll)
  • If I salvage/sell the repeated ones, and don’t separate them by char/type, maybe I can have 1 extra tab. Is that enough for an alt? What If I wanted to level 2 alts? If I really enjoy this alt, what happens when I reach my barb level of items (1 set tab + 1.5 leg tab)?

    If you missed it, last week Lylirra provided useful answers to all the FAQs about ladder season stash space and other related issues, so check those out.

    From what she said Blizzard is doing everything properly in terms of mailing/transferring ladder gear to the main account when a season ends. And in theory a player who was going to dive full time into the next season wouldn’t really care about sorting and stashing and saving that much gear on their main account.

    That said… most players were facing some pretty grim stash space issues even before ladder seasons came along. Patch 2.1 adds the fifth stash tab, but the patch also adds tons of new legendary items and improvements to existing legendary items and lots of potential new builds with skill improvements, and alts mean you need more stash space.

    So what’s the solution? Do we need like 10 more stash tabs, even if it means paying for them? Multiple tabs of inventory on each character, for much more carrying capacity and mule functionality? Or do players just need to learn to cut bait and only save stuff they’re really going to use? Is stash space management part of the game’s skill and strategy?

    How do you feel about stash space in Reaper of Souls?

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