The Diablo 3 Podcast #98: The “B-Club”, Hardcore DHs, and Blizzcon Hopes

Flux, Xanth, and JrMint talk about recent happenings in Diablo 3: Demon Hunters in Hardcore, fixing Wizards, the economic thrill of joining the “B-Club,” Diablo 3 fixes, Blizzcon 2013 anticipation.

This podcast is continued in TDP #99, where Xanth’s Blizzard visit, job offer, and impending decades of inexorably-diminishing happiness are discussed at length.

  • 0:30 — Intro, show schedule, JrMint’s efforts to overcome his World of Warcrack addiction, and recent gameplay efforts.
  • 4:30 — Demon Hunters in hardcore. Xanth and JrMint have new ones. Flux laments his past Demon Hunter play and pain. All will end in tears.
  • 10:00 — Joining the Billionaire club. Flux gloats and Xanth kvetches. Recent Hardcore economy issues, and high end gear pricing. Do people die in high MP public games in Hardcore? The psychological porn of watching YouTube vids of high level Hardcore streamers dying.
  • 19:50 — No new Diablo 3 patch content until after Blizzcon. JrMint and Xanth react.
  • 22:00 — Diablo 3 console. JrMint is skeptical, Flux thought it played fine at Blizzard, and Xanth is eager to try to use it to hook in non-PC gaming friends.
  • 25:35 — Josh Mosqueira’s one question to the Fansite summit attendees, asked to Xanth and JrMint. What one fix or improvement would you most like to see in Diablo 3? JrMint proposes a token system to shake up the economy.
  • 33:50 — If you could improve/change one class which one and why? Two votes for the DH and one for the Wizard.
  • 38:40 — Blizzcon 2013 plans? Flux is going, Xanth and JrMint aren’t planning to. We will see Diablo 3 Expansion at Blizzcon, barring some catastrophe. Everyone has excite.
  • The Diablo 3 Podcast Episode Guide in provides links to every show, plus quick summaries.

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    8 thoughts on “The Diablo 3 Podcast #98: The “B-Club”, Hardcore DHs, and Blizzcon Hopes

    1. Great podcast, you guys!
      Again, I can not thank you enough for the all focus on the HC aspect of the game in these podcasts! I know we ain’t plently, but without HC, I would have quitted the game a whole long time ago! Thanks for increasing the awareness to the immense fun that this game mode has to offer! 🙂

      As for the whole DH issue… I am just going to go out and say it- you guys are pansies! 😛 Yeah, I do mean that in a loving way, but come on, hehe.. my highest paragon was a level 23 HC DH, and I loved the hell out of her!
      True, they require extremely fast reflexes and one moment of not paying attention means doom (as I unfortunatel learned myself), but damnit, if this ain’t the way HC should be experienced!

      Now I gotta’ level up my new DH back to 60, and start looking for a nice IK gloves drop and join you in the B-club, Flux 😉

      • It’s ironic, as I’ve been trying *not* to just talk about Hardcore, since most players aren’t doing it. But Xanth has always been all HC, it’s all I play anymore, and it seems like all the other podcast regulars are taking it up as well. Neinball revealed that he was doing all HC now 2 or 3 shows ago, and on this one JrMint talked about getting into it.

        I knew nothing about their recent play time pre-show and said nothing about wanting HC players on the show. Just worked out that way.

      • Right on, Vega 🙂

        I must admit I really see the point regarding their squichiness and having one at PL10 doesn’t really make me an expert at the class, but I have been having a lot of fun with mine.

    2. Your problem with the game are the bees… really? Not the lack of customization or the way the story is being presented or the tedious affixes? And tokens? I am sorry but as you are a WoW player I think we can all deduce that at least the target group is satisfied(that being their goal + console gamers).
      A game made by the WoW strike team for consoles and presented to PC D2 fans(irony?).

      P.S. I still want the game to be fixed and dearly hope that Josh will do this franchise good.

    3. From what you guys are mentioning it makes it tempting to jump into some public games. I’ve not been able to convince many of my friends to make the switch from SC to HC but maybe I’ll get them to come around at some point.

      • Xanth has been big on public games for a while, and wants more fixes and improvements to them. I am not one to do much public gaming in D3, since MP lets you simulate those bonuses well enough, plus my follower provides me substantial MF/GF/Exp bonuses. But as my Monk closes in on max MF, those bonuses from the follower will become less essential and added bonuses from other people, plus the ability to happily do a higher MP than I can solo, may drive me more into the public arena.

    4. Public HC is still a terrible idea, but coop isn’t.

      I’ve heard rumors townkill stll works, just not in a1.

      Unless you want our resident pker ruining your day stay away.

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