The Diablo 3 Podcast #96: Economy, the Console, and Auction House Fixes

Neinball joins Flux to discuss upcoming Diablo 3 itemization changes, Diablo console playtesting, getting into Hardcore, Diablo 3 ladders, spurring the economy with item binding or other Auction House limits, and much more.

Approximate segment start times:

  • 0:00 — Intro, show topics, and recent play. Neinball has joined the Borg and gone Hardcore.
  • 6:10 — Beware the Fearsome Fifties — In Diablo 3, Hell is much more dangerous than Nightmare or Inferno. (An expanded article on this topic.)
  • 10:00 — Missing Act Three yet? A welcome change from all the Act 1/2 farming of late? Comparing your char of the same build in softcore vs. hardcore.
  • 17:00 — Itemization patch, coming DiabloWikisoon™! Actually coming in 5+ months. Will D3X add more paragon levels, or max levels, or both? Could D3X remove one of the four (redundant) difficulties when it adds Act Five? Rescale all monsters and levels for exp so that Normal difficulty becomes level 1-40 and Nightmare level 41-60, and then right into Inferno.
  • 26:00 — Big items changes in D3X. Expansion gear will completely devalue every top end item in the game today. Item patches in D3C must keep things interesting and fresh, but can’t totally reset everything, or steal the thunder from DiabloWikiD3X.
  • 29:00 — DiabloWikiDiablo console coming soon. Item changes in a game without an DiabloWikiAuction House? Duping is factored in?
  • 33:00 — Legendaries: High quality ones dropping earlier in the game with scaled down stats. (And vice versa.) Hope that Calamity in a Console screenshot was not a prime example, since it was underpowered junk.
  • 37:00 — DiabloWikiDiablo 3 Ladders. What do players want in them? D2 ladder wipes relived? How would that impact the economy? The current economy is greatly inflated and devalued. Hardcore lately as well. DiabloWikiCrafting materials prices fluctuating over time. What if DiabloWikiDemonic Essences were salable?
  • 45:00 — Item prices and economy. Hardcore econ is much better since items are consumed (by death). How to increase that in HC and add it into SC? More binding to increase item churn? Auction House sales lower item quality to boost self finding? Neinball says no. Better to do full econ resets with ladder seasons. What if D3X brings back the DiabloWikiMystic and all her imbues make items BoA or not-AHable. How about an item bonus to self-found gear?
  • 55:50 — Diablo 3 console. Curious to actually play it? Or just observe how the economy works without an Auction House and the buffed Rare item quality? Flux shares some excitement about his imminent Blizzard visit and Diablo console play opportunity.
  • 1:01 — Final thoughts. Moo.
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    15 thoughts on “The Diablo 3 Podcast #96: Economy, the Console, and Auction House Fixes

    1. 24 mins in Re: difficulties.
      I do feel Hell is totally redundant now. Adjust xp and remove Hell and I wouldn’t mind.

      D3C had a decent idea, but the Inferno difficulty being so messed up at release, it is primarily just a 4th difficulty level now.
      Hopefully with a couple of new people in charge and the D3C experience, they will have a stronger idea of how things will play out for D3X.
      The original release really suffered from not having enough testing at upper levels, now they have a better picture while planning the expansion.

      Fingers crossed, and everything else.

      • Sorry, went a bit off-topic there about why I still hold hope for the xpac.
        But, as much as I love Diablo lore, I can’t bear D3 story anymore.
        The constant cut-aways, cinematics and bullshit.
        Wouldn’t it be nice if Inferno didn’t bother with the story? If you’re in Inferno, you’ve played the story 3 times already. Inferno could offer a more open world where you can just choose to go where you want. Would make it unique to the other difficulties.

        • They should remove Inferno totally. Never saw the point of a 4th difficulty. The name sucks as well. In old Diablo spirit, the final difficulty should be ‘Hell’.

          I see the expansion as a test for this Diablo team at Blizzard. It’s their real chance to change things up. Changes to itemization is far from enough.

    2. Im at 20.48 in the podcast, while you guys are talking about Levelcap 60 and paragon. So here is my though, and I am pretty sure this will be something we might see.. D3X rais the 60 to 80, and the paragon gets to be retroactive. D3X2 80 to 100. If you are paragon 50, it will stay at 50 while you level your 60 to 80 or 100.. It cant be that hard. The bonus wont come back (or we might have it even) until we hit the levelcap.

      Do you guys understand my crumpy english (spelling sucks).

      • Sounds reasonable. But predictable. I hope they do their best to offer other leveling systems as well. And put back skill points and character customization, skill tree, etc. Ah well…

    3. IF they do an itemization patch which I honestly doubt, yes it would have to be a “small” change to itemization as to not steal any thunder from the expansion itemization. My guess is that they will do at least one of the things they brought up which is “narrowing” the gap of items from being horrible to awesome for example a lvl63 250dmg sword will not longer drop instead lvl63 swords will atleast always do 800 damage. This is the type of stuff they would add to vanilla D3. They’re not going to add their brand new legendary ideas such as the wizard hydra set or the barbarian CotAncients set. Also 1-2% life steal on rings would be awesome. They need to do something with elemental damage on weapons as well. We don’t benefit really frmo having lightning or fire damage on weapons, where are the elemental proc’s such as stun/chain for lightning affixes or DoT effects for fire weapons? Also how to improve elemental damage based weapons is to make it so “Resistances” now have an offensive capability where they improve upon the element of your weapon damage.

      • I wanted to add a bit more to what would be in the itemization patch, so they would definitely make it so weapons that are ilvl63 not be able to roll low like 250dmg they should roll atleast 300 dmg, I think they’re going to do this basically all across the board with lvl60-63 items. Amulets, rings,armor all of their minimum values are going to be raised so life on hit on a ilvl63 amulet can only roll at least 600 loh up to 900 ilvl62 atleast 500, ilvl61 atleast 400loh.

    4. 1 new act? Why not 4 new acts? I mean, they don’t HAVE to copy D2 and just add one in the expansion pack. Just because that was their standard in 2001 doesn’t mean it has to be their standard in 2014 (or 15, 16, ect.).

      Think of it this way, to make the game they required all that development time and effort to make every asset, the engine itself, every still’s sfx and sound, ect. All that stuff is done, why can’t we get 4 new acts? They can leverage their man-power towards crazy amounts of content in the expansion when all the ground-work is already in place. Why only accept 1 new act? If the expansion costs 66% as much as D3, (59.99 vs 39.99) why accept only 25% as much content?

      • They won’t do that because we want more than just Act content. We want changes and additions in every part of the game: Skills, items, new characters, pvp, play modes, stats, item mechanics, new drop types, world effects…

        And we only want to pay an expansion price for it.

      • I personally thought of two new acts up to level 70 and 80 respectively, and level 90 and 100 in the second expansion.

        As far as Paragon goes, they might not increase that system’s level because we already have a crazy amount of *base* MF at P100 and MP10 (+550% MF combined).

    5. D3 expansion items will manage to both underwhelm AND render current gear worthless.

      Expect this statement sometime next year.

      “You’ll enjoy the new gear more better because the numbers are higher. Like… ermmmm the crit chance number thingy … that’s higher. We’ve designed the expansion to be more ACCESSIBLE to younger gamers. Things will literally melt around you while you search for things to buysellbuysellbuysell. As an added incentive we’ve included an option to separate numbers by commas.”

    6. expansion features:

      1. seven active skill slots
      2. more uses for demonic essences, such as rerolling legendaries (making them bind to account), or gear enchants
      3. talisman or charms system
      4. bad main story, good lore books to discover
      5. new class, necromancer
      6. skill tweaks to break popular builds, but new skill slot makes for new.opportunities
      7. items mostly unchanged, but more emphasis on self found play

    7. I don’t have much to add; I enjoyed the podcast. I’ve said before that I don’t see more Paragon levels being added, due to the idea that it replaces MF/GF on gear.

    8. I have to agree on dodging attacks. The anti-kiting technology in Diablo 3 is one of the worst features ever designed. They completely took away a significant measure of skill in the game. There are already very few attacks in the game you are encouraged to dodge (eg Belial), but going beyond that by making it pointless to avoid regular attacks turns the game into pure math. I can’t defeat a hard boss because I properly dodge all his attacks, I just beat him when my life leech, dps, and effective HP reach the proper threshold. I would love to see this removed.

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