Neinball joins Flux to discuss upcoming Diablo 3 itemization changes, Diablo console playtesting, getting into Hardcore, Diablo 3 ladders, spurring the economy with item binding or other Auction House limits, and much more.

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  • 0:00 — Intro, show topics, and recent play. Neinball has joined the Borg and gone Hardcore.
  • 6:10 — Beware the Fearsome Fifties — In Diablo 3, Hell is much more dangerous than Nightmare or Inferno. (An expanded article on this topic.)
  • 10:00 — Missing Act Three yet? A welcome change from all the Act 1/2 farming of late? Comparing your char of the same build in softcore vs. hardcore.
  • 17:00 — Itemization patch, coming DiabloWikisoon™! Actually coming in 5+ months. Will D3X add more paragon levels, or max levels, or both? Could D3X remove one of the four (redundant) difficulties when it adds Act Five? Rescale all monsters and levels for exp so that Normal difficulty becomes level 1-40 and Nightmare level 41-60, and then right into Inferno.
  • 26:00 — Big items changes in D3X. Expansion gear will completely devalue every top end item in the game today. Item patches in D3C must keep things interesting and fresh, but can’t totally reset everything, or steal the thunder from DiabloWikiD3X.
  • 29:00 — DiabloWikiDiablo console coming soon. Item changes in a game without an DiabloWikiAuction House? Duping is factored in?
  • 33:00 — Legendaries: High quality ones dropping earlier in the game with scaled down stats. (And vice versa.) Hope that Calamity in a Console screenshot was not a prime example, since it was underpowered junk.
  • 37:00 — DiabloWikiDiablo 3 Ladders. What do players want in them? D2 ladder wipes relived? How would that impact the economy? The current economy is greatly inflated and devalued. Hardcore lately as well. DiabloWikiCrafting materials prices fluctuating over time. What if DiabloWikiDemonic Essences were salable?
  • 45:00 — Item prices and economy. Hardcore econ is much better since items are consumed (by death). How to increase that in HC and add it into SC? More binding to increase item churn? Auction House sales lower item quality to boost self finding? Neinball says no. Better to do full econ resets with ladder seasons. What if D3X brings back the DiabloWikiMystic and all her imbues make items BoA or not-AHable. How about an item bonus to self-found gear?
  • 55:50 — Diablo 3 console. Curious to actually play it? Or just observe how the economy works without an Auction House and the buffed Rare item quality? Flux shares some excitement about his imminent Blizzard visit and Diablo console play opportunity.
  • 1:01 — Final thoughts. Moo.
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