Xanth joins Flux for conversation and analysis of last weeks’ developer live stream interviews, plus a look back at the year in Hardcore. Dealing with deaths, economic fluctuations, and multiplayer camaraderie.

    Approximate segment start times:

  • 0:30 — Intro and show outline. Wyatt Cheng live stream interview and bad jokes about Blizzcon attendees.
  • 6:30 — Travis Day interview comments. Surprise at how forthcoming and candid Travis was, in critiquing some of Diablo III’s current features, and hopeful that he’ll make the hard changes required.
  • 9:00 — Travis says that legendaries will be the best in slot for almost everything? Game-changing legendary features is impossible for that many items.
  • 14:30 — How can increased quality of legendaries not just all wind up in the Auction House? Binding? Items lose quality when sold? Or gain quality if not sold?
  • 18:00 — New game modes? New play styles, as Travis suggested? Ways to farm specific items, rather than just the random luck for everything we see now in Diablo III? Legendary item upgrade improvements into Inferno?
  • 26:00 — Expansion by this time next year? Will the itemization changes be in a patch before D3X?

  • 30:00 — Hardcore year in review. Xanth was HC from the start… regrets? Playing only HC limits experimentation with different builds/classes?
  • 33:00 — Demon Hunters unsuitable for HC? Why no life-saving passive like the Wizard, Monk, and Witch Doctor have and the Barb doesn’t need?
  • 36:30 — Dealing with deaths and the HC economy working so much more enjoyably. Ironborn mode would be embraced in Hardcore?
  • 46:10 — Many nerfs since Diablo III launched. Has the game become too easy for HC now? What was it like back in the early days, trying to survive?
  • 51:10 — Is Xanth happy with the year in Hardcore? How has the time conformed to his expectations? Multiplayer is greatly improving the game of late.
  • 56:00 — Awesome idea for a new item mod.
  • 57:30 — Xanth rants about public game joining problems — being rejoined back into the same game over and over again. Remember those ancient days of D2, when you could name games, choose which game you wanted to join, and see how long the game had been live before you did so?
  • 1:02:00 — Final thoughts and a sad cow send off.
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