The Diablo 3 Podcast #89: Hardcore Economy, Itemization Changes, and Console News

Flux, Xanth, and Ynzerg talk Diablo 3 economy and the huge differences between the HC and softcore economy. How does the lack of an RMAH in HC affect the economy? Also, impatience at the promised itemization changes and Diablo 3 console news.

Approximate topic start points on this episode:

  • 0:10 — Ynzerg and Xanth intro and recent play experiences. Mostly Hardcore.
  • 4:00 — Trivia quiz. Obscure item names in Diablo 3!
  • 12:00 — The hardcore economy. Thriving market for selling lvl 1-50 gear. Huge price swings since the v1.07 crafting recipes, with gear some slots getting cheaper and others much more expensive.
  • 17:30 — Cost of crafting items in Hardcore is insane, coming from Softcore. Tomes of Secret now cost 40-80x more in HC than in SC. Fiery Brimstones are 25-35x the price. Yet some things are cheaper…
  • 26:00 — Flux can’t afford to upgrade the last levels of Artisans in HC since they require dozens of Tomes of Secret.
  • 32:00 — What effect does the lack of an RMAH have on the HC Economy? Harder to farm gold in HC and no in-game method to sell it for money. Surprised Blizzard never added it in post-release?
  • 37:50 — Shared stash and no corpse looting… ever removed your best items before danger to save them in case of Hardcore death?
  • 41:30 — Flux recounts his first HC death, a 56 Demon Hunter’s tragic fate. Is Vortex the most dangerous boss mod? Frozen?
  • 44:50 — Itemization updates from Blizzard. Why so slow to make decisions and implement them?
  • 51:30 — Console coming soon. Demo at PAX East. Has excite? Not so much…
  • 52:50 — Diablo 3 Expansion thoughts. Wish list for fixes and changes?
  • 55:00 — Final thoughts. Closing Hardcore proselytizing from the guests.

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16 thoughts on “The Diablo 3 Podcast #89: Hardcore Economy, Itemization Changes, and Console News

  1. All I like about HC is the items thingy, but we could solve it binding drops on account. About 1 dead…erm…I never feel it appealing, lose hours playing for 1 error, almost always a joke elite combination…don’t feel right. If you wanna be on tension you could play softcore and hit you bullocks with a big big hammer every time you die =S

    And yep, they are so slowly making steps to solve core game issues…yes they are going in the right direction…you see the things they need to do and…the pace they have…Yep…It will take years if they are not SAVING massive amounts of good ideas to sell an expansion. And after a 10 years seeing the result of more than 10 years development I frankly doubt they have that amount of good ideas to sell/solve the expansion/game.

    Resume…to many wrong things, it would take to long to solve.

  2. I got all excited for Hardcore because of Ynzerg and Xanth and decided to finish leveling my Barbarian to 60. Little did I know that I’d end up dying halfway to 60 (from level 59). I was doing surprisingly well with a really basic whirlwind spec but I swapped it for Rend and ended up getting destroyed by Fast Waller Arcane as they cornered me. Surprisingly my defensive skills that focused on leeching life from mobs kept me going strong in the corner that I was trapped. Then it happened. My inevitable death. A moment that could only be characterized by its eerie quietness. Indeed, my Barbarian’s deeds will be remembered. Rest well in the archive of heroes. You will not be forgotten.


    • At least you tried. Since we recorded this show I got my newer HC Monk to 60, but I’m not sure what to do with him now. Prices for all the good survival gear is crazy in HC; cheapest BK pants are 25m, vs. 500k in SC, but you’ve got to get into Inferno to make any progress on earning gold to buy or dreaming that you might find some of those items.

      Oddly, with the prices so high it should be possible and profitable to do MP games and play very safe, ready to flee if threatened, and make a big profit just picking up gems and ToS. Hoping for a great drop as well, but that’s very unlikely. ToS for big profit is certain.

    • Man, I’m sorry to hear this. I’ll still say to keep going, haha. Once you become all-powerful in HC, the sense of accomplishment is heightened, considerably. However, that can be a hairy task. I’m leveling up a HC wiz right now … a little worried about what is to come. Look for me in the fallen heroes forum, soon!

  3. The sanctity of the podcast has been defiled.

    Flux, how could you do this? You let someone from Pittsburgh on the podcast? As a native Clevelander, you’ve ruined the podcast now.

    Go Browns! Steelers suck!

  4. Flux, I couldn’t find this episode on the US itunes store or the UK one. I could download it from here but it’d be nice if I could just load it into my podcasts from itunes directly. If thats not too much a hassle to deal with thanks.

    Been listening since ep. 21.

  5. Any chance you guys could update your RRS feed faster? I subscribe, but it seems like I’m more likely to find it checking here than there, and even now this podcast isn’t in the feed yet.

  6. I enjoyed your mocking Xanth for picking up the small piles of gold. I totally agree with you, but I can’t help but do the same thing myself when leveling a low level character. It’s a hard habit to break.

    The “rental” feeling of the AH is very much the same as in Final Fantasy XI. Because of the incentives to switch jobs and play low level content, similar to how hardcore death makes you reroll, there is always a demand for good low level gear. You do lose the transaction fee on the AH, but that’s not a huge amount when dealing with items 100k or less. The economy of hardcore is really close to pulling me into playing hardcore.

    Alright guys, I’ll start seriously playing hardcore. I currently have a ~15 monk, but now I’m going to make a barbarian and get 60 🙂

  7. First off, the podcast still doesn´t show on my iTunes here in Europe, so I will have to use the video embedded here on my iPhone on the way to work. Would be nice to have them get updated in time, as these are some of the very best things this wonderful site does, and I love hearing Flux, Xanth and the rest of the pannel debate and make time fly on the go 🙂

    Now, I haven´t listening to this cast as of yet, but I am very grateful that it focuses on HC since that is probably one of the most interesting aspects of the game for me. True, i nerdrage quit each time because of my shitting unstable connection getting another character killed, but seeing as I am moving next week and will get a 70Mb connection all to myself, I am definitely going to try again, as there is no quite other thrill as playing D3 HC 🙂

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