Flux, Azzure, and Wolfpaq discuss the upcoming Diablo 3 v1.08 patch, with heavy coverage of itemization issues, plus ideas about co-op improvements and fixes to monster density problems.

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  • 0:50 — SimCity’s terrible launch and online-only DRM provokes Diablo 3 launch flashbacks.
  • 5:50 — Itemization changes coming to Diablo III. Fewer Rares of higher quality. Improvement?
  • 9:20 — Will improved quality Rare items make things more fun or just create inflation? Is Diablo III is more of a gear check than Diablo 2 was, or not?
  • 18:40 — Improved legendaries. More specialized legendary items that fit perfectly with or enable new/different certain builds would be awesome.
  • 27:20 — Does the Auction House exacerbate all item issues by putting such ease of distribution and accessibility into the economy? Opinions differ.
  • 37:50 — Legendary improvement suggestions and theorycrafting.
  • 48:25 — Improving the co-op experience. Adding more bonuses, or improving social tools?
  • 55:25 — Monster density issues and improvements. Flux pitches his idea for bonus dungeons again, and why simply sticking more monsters into the existing levels is a suboptimal adjustment.
  • 1:06:15 — Blizzard’s recently improved community communication. Direct posts from devs, more activity from CMs. What’s fueling this and should we expect more?
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