The Diablo 3 Podcast #87: Bold Skill Changes, Get Rich Slow, and Crafting

Flux, Xanth, and Aahz discuss current topics in Diablo 3, including get rich slow tips, economy issues, crafting successes, a request for bolder skill changes in patches, and much more.

We recorded this show earlier this week, before the Itemization blog was released, so that is not discussed in this one. (We’re recording a show this weekend that will debate it and other upcoming v1.08 details.) Here’s what we did talk about, with the approximate starting time for each general topic:

  • 0:20 — Intro of Xanth and first time TDP guest Aahz. Everyone shares stories about their recent Diablo 3 play experiences. Xanth’s one billion gold march continues.
  • 4:10 — Rerolling, only 10 character slots, and stash space considerations.
  • 11:00 — Diablo 3 economy and wealth accumulation. Xanth details the crazy prices for crafting mats these days in Hardcore.
  • 17:30 — Multiplayer issues and features. Has anyone tried the new brawling PvP system?
  • 25:30 — The UI vexation of not showing all the buff icons at once.
  • 30:30 — Achievements. Anyone approaching 100% yet? Plus Leah’s hidden Act 3 room.
  • 36:50 — Gosu’s fanifesto suggests many major changes. Discussed on this podcast: 1) Would you like to see big changes to skill runes, rather than just changes that add say, +25% damage to the unpopular ones? 2) How is the overall game difficulty and challenge level?
  • 52:20 — New crafting recipe successes and enjoyment.
  • 56:10 — Final thoughts; everyone likes the game quite a bit despite our complaints. Economics; how did you get rich (or not) in Diablo 3? Plus Xanth signs his new Wizard’s death warrant.
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    1. How wonderful, three new podcast in less then a week. No, its great, really, I’m loving every second of it. But something is missing. Or someone. Oh, yea, I remember now:

      I’m still waiting Elly…

      I might be mistaken but I remember some year end review with Elly begin mentioned from the podcast #84. Hmm, I’ll double check.

      • I mentioned it, but scheduling for those never worked out with Elly back in January, and a year in review podcast seemed pretty pointless in like, February. Maybe next year!

    2. yay, the mp3 is back!

    3. I ought to do a podcast since I’m extremely extroverted and would bring a big personality to these things but I don’t want to be famous and have people gank me at the bloody foothills wp with hydras and parade my ear around everywhere for all to see. Besides 2 snarky people on the same podcast is a bit much. And I haven’t played D3 in months.

      Love listening to them though. Flux is funny. And we can download the mp3 yaayayayaya

    4. We’re like beaten wives. LOL!

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