The Diablo 3 Podcast #85: The Diablo Console Project

Flux is joined by Rush to talk about the newly-announced Diablo 3 console project. Will console gamers buy it, how will the game differ with a joystick, will there be an RMAH, and more.

Topics covered on this episode of the DiabloWikiDiablo 3 Podcast include:

  • Will Diablo succeed on the console, given that all top selling PS3 and Xbox360 titles are shooters or action games??
  • Account security issues, given that the largest data hack in human history came via the PlayStation Network
  • Will the Auction House drive the console economy? Will there be an RMAH?
  • Correlation vs. causation: why everything bad in D3 can’t be blamed on the console project.
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    1. Correlation vs. causation: why everything bad in D3 can’t be blamed on the console project.

      Have people really forgotten Jay Wilson already??

    2. For those like me who were looking for an mp3 to download as in the past, it doesn’t seem to exist this time unfortunately. In fact, one link on the news post was broken / led to an outdated link. It appears you either listen on youtube or don’t listen at all to the podcasts on this site now.

    3. “single largest data hack in human history…”

      Careful, Flux, you’re just starting to get off the blacklist…

    4. – Human interfacing with devices, and the types of games they play
      –Tablets, phones, desktops/laptops, handhelds, and consoles all have both different human interfacing and interaction. While each could do the same functions as the other, we still end up reading books on our tablets, and watching cable or play games on the TV. While the desktop/laptop can do universally all of this, sometimes the convenience of other devices suits your needs because they are specifically designed for it. Same with consoles I assume, as third-person RPG or FPS are what they specifically excel at (even though they can do other things too.)
      – Lack of end game.
      –If no AH, or RMAH for that latter, how will they progress to the endgame without the gear? Even with an AH, with a smaller pool of items the market can sharply turn volatile. With less players and higher variety of items, we could see 2008 Wall Street volatility in the market.

    5. I always want to listen to these, but 50+ minutes is so long! I think you might get more listeners if you kept the installments to something like 10 or so minutes. An hour podcast is a bit daunting to want to click “start” for.

      Just my opinion!

      • Well, podcasts are generally 30-60m in length. It’s just the nature of the beast and the format of any longer conversation.

        That said, you’ve got a point on accessibility (though D3 made it a dirty word) and I have considered pulling some clips and excerpts, like 8-12m chunks on discrete topics, which would be posted just as YT vids and in news here, with the full show still available as well. This show didn’t lend itself to that since it was all about the console stuff, but it’s something I hope to start doing with future episode covering more varied topics. (Plus we usually list approximate start times for different segments.)

    6. I enjoy playing aRPGs on consoles, and their control scheme (move the joystick to move rather than click to move; hit a button to do an action) makes more sense on a console. However they are far more “simplistic” than those that are on the PC. Comparing Titan Quest, Diablo II, Dungeon Siege, PoE, NoX even “slower” ones like Baldur’s Gate et al. to games like Baldur’s Gate Dark Alliance, Dungeon Siege 3, X-Men Legends, Marvel Ultimate Alliance the console games are generally more “actiony” and less on deep gameplay systems. They have a simpler story, simpler graphics, lighter tone, and are generally smaller. This is akin to comparing D3 to D2, which is why it seems that it was heavily influenced by being made for the console rather than the PC.

    7. And as an addition: I would like to see them actually make the game larger via patches rather than charging for even more via DLC for the incomplete game we got…

    8. It feels like Wow Jr. It doesn’t feel like a Diablo game. It isn’t a horrible game but definitely did not meet the expectations of Diablo fans.

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