The Diablo 3 Podcast #83: PvP Delays and Dueling

Flux and Xanth discuss the Diablo 3 PvP system delays and the abrupt change from a team deathmatch to duel system. Disappointment, relief, and surprise are the order of the day.

This is a double show, since we’d recorded one on various topics just before Xmas, but before I could post it the new PvP details were revealed. So Xanth and I talked about the PvP info Thursday evening and I added that conversation to the PvP content from the earlier podcast.

  • 0:00 — Intro from before Xmas: Xanth’s HC column’s imminent return, Ironborn theories, and Xanth’s Hardcore Diablo player’s mentality.
  • 7:22 — Why didn’t we get PvP in 2012, and what was going on with those confusing Jay Wilson tweets?
  • 19:50 — Part two, recorded Dec 27th, all about the PvP announcement.
  • 28:00 — Dueling instead of team deathmatch. How dueling worked (or didn’t work) in D2 and what it means for D3.
  • 32:10 — Yet another attempt of the D3 devs to “reinvent the ARPG wheel” ends in tears.
  • 35:30 — Fan reaction to PvP announcement. Xanth is more disappointed than most of you guys seem to be.
  • 37:40 — Blizzard could have handled this news much better than a terse and belated blog post with “it got boring” as the entire excuse for no deathmatch. Why aren’t fansites or regular players being invited to test out the PvP and Deathmatch systems? Xanth and Flux volunteer.
  • 46:50 — What else will we get in v1.07 to spice up the activities? New items? New events? Better farming areas in Act 1/Act 2?

Podcast guests wanted! I mentioned this last time and heard from a lot of volunteers, but I’m still looking for some more new/fresh voices to appear on the podcast. If you’re interested you need to be an active Diablo III player with good verbal skills, a decent quality headset/mic, a Skype account, and thoughts/ideas/opinions/interests about D3. If you’re interested, contact [email protected] with a brief note about your D3 play experience and what topics you’d like to discuss on The Diablo Podcast.

(Also, if you’re one of the several people who volunteered last time but who I never met for an audition chat, sorry about that. If you’re still interested email me or IM me on Skype and we’ll find a time that works.)

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21 thoughts on “The Diablo 3 Podcast #83: PvP Delays and Dueling

  1. regarding your question about why blizz isn’t using fansites or regular players to test out the PvP and Deathmatch systems:

    1) blizz uses internal strike teams composed of members from non-D3 projects such as WoW and SC. apparently, they decide whether or not said content or feature is ready for the unwashed masses.
    2) jay doesn’t need external focus groups to tell him what’s fun or how to design his game (apparently, MP, ubers, paragon, dueling, etc doesn’t count). focus groups can only tell him what’s wrong, like if you are confused by skill points or the weapon switch button for example.

  2. URGH Why do you still play this dumb game?

    lol, I loved that part. I sensed some catharsis there.

    • I cut the part about the bathtubs of lasagne. Possibly to the detriment of he whole, but probably to the lack of angry boycotts from Packer fans.

      • Actually the “lasagna part” is in(or at least there’s mentioning of a tub full of lasagna)!

        I don’t get all the negative people – who have long giving up on D3 – staying on the D3 forums either.

        Good episode!

  3. It’s because people visit this site for years before D3 came out, so they still visit it even if they don’t play D3 anymore. It’s a habit.

  4. This podcast was cool, I liked it.

    For further wishes and ideas, I would really love to hear from those badass diablo3 people who micromanage 1 click here and there, to become 2 seconds faster pr. run and so 😀

    I know it was a bit ironic, but could be cool to hear from some of those people who has 2 paragon lvl 90+ chars already.


  5. i also think that the sentiment of flux + interviewee is BS: “well its a diablo game – its a grindgame what did people expect ?”

    it’s ok for a game to be grind IF it is satisfying but D3 is anything but.

    #1 you could grind many areas for different purposes and be very successful to that purpose without it getting stale.
    e.g. andi, was superb for jewelry, countess / cows were superb for runes, some socketed Items had a excellent chance at dropping at certain levels / dungeons.
    you could reroll characters solely for the runes at the forge and the socketing quest.

    #2 Levels were more randomized – if ill do alkaizer runs which is commonly known as route number 1 – i will see the same maplayout and largely the very same monster at the very same spot.

    #3 grinding in d2 was actually fun and thus not nearly as daunting – i know many people will disagree with me here because the animation and skill effects are flashier.

    but the pace of the game, the responsiveness of your character in relation to the environment are effing mindnumbing in d3. additionally the game is slower plagued with stutter step due to bad programming and online necessity. and generally less accurate also because of stuff like auto-target.

    you aimed your arcane orb in between the 3 cultists ? too bad we autotargeted the one in the fround for you.

    also you cannot apply skill in the game in order to get an edge – you cant perfect your orb aiming to maximize hits on single targets, or meteor – because all Area effect skills work the same there is surface Area X and the damage Y. proximity to the impact area (eg arcane orb, Meteor) or proximity to the origin of the cone
    ( eg Multishot or electrocute ) dont matter – albeit it would make technically make sense for multiple arrows / electrobolts to hit multiple times on a single target based upon the cast range.)

    all skill you can apply in this game is reactionary. oh you stay in area that burns or is about to explode ? better get out of it. the rest is an MMO-like EXCEL number crunch of the crudest kind.

    #4 which brings me to 4 the itemization and the skills and the underlying mathematic combat mechanics suck, not only is it very simplistic and one dimensional – it’s also incredibly skewed and imbalanced just within that one dimension -go stack crit and critdmg ; who would have thought .

    i find all these “diablo 10 million (classX) Youtube guides” embarrassing because they are all referring to the same BS mechanics that are similar to every build gathered from information which have barely changed since 7 months ago.

    i don’t want to play the game for 600h + so that the crit that once was 200k is now 800k. I want Items and skills to affect my character in ways that allow me to play him like i could never have played him before. but Blizzard does not even seem to acknowledge the blatant imbalance and design mediocrity in their items and skills. or worse yet they are at a loss at how to do better and rather accept mediocrity than going out of their way to strive for innovation.

    that being said i think it is incredibly pretentious and presumptuous to throw all critics into the “those must be spoiled brats which are used to mind numbing mass content MMO’s / these must be 12 year old’s who never played d1/2 and thus have no clue about the true spirit of the Diablo-franchise.”-POT.

    • Agree with you on pretty much everything. Grinding is A-OK if the game itself is actually good and you recieve rewards for your efforts. This PvP announcement is the biggest slap in the face to fans since release, whoever is in charge of communication needs to be fired. 7 months of silence just to scrap it.

  6. Hey guys, I tried to respond to the inquiry for those of us interested in participating in the podcast interview. When I sent the email (through Gmail) it said that the domain was invalid, I copied it as it is written in the post so I’m unsure what to do about that…



  7. The “ironborn” concept Flux mentioned is something I pushed for over the course of the the 2 years leading up to launch. I called it “legit”. The player would get a “legit” tag affixed to their character. They couldn’t use the AH, and they could only use gear they found on that char.

  8. A lot of posts get deleted by Blizzard over time, but if you google: fizoo legit, you will see one post at least I made about the legit idea, or as you term it ironborn that I made on August 1st, 2011.

  9. Finally had time to listen. Great conversation. I especially liked how fluidly it covered a wide variety of topics!

  10. Hell … I listen to the podcast and I never bought D3. I have played the “demo” several times and every time including the first, it bored me to tears. An ARPG should never bore you at the beginning. Anyway, I got in the habit of listening to the podcast and am still enjoying it despite the above. Thanks very much for an enjoyable podcast!

    [Just noticed your human verification system – its great]

  11. I lost interest in diablo3 when my character had no difficulty in inferno, it is too easy.

    Then I went to play skyrim. it was really fun, until my character was so powerful that I kill everything in one blow even in the top difficulty, I stop playing that game ten minutes later, I had no fun anymore playing it, no challenge. Then it strike me (like Xanth said), the important thing is the journey and not the destination.

    Then I went back to diablo 3 playing first time hardcore with only find items, it was a blast again! Until my witch doctor 60 plus died to a disconnect.
    But after a week of moaning, I got back to another witch doctor level 1 hardcore, self-find, and it is fun again!!!
    AH makes the game too easy, and sucks the fun out of it.

  12. Look D2 is a great game because of the wide variety of things to do. I could never do just one thing all the time, but I had options to mix it up. You had.

    1. Hell Baal runs for xp
    2. Farming chests in A3 lower kurast for runes, charms.
    3. Pinedle/Shenk runs
    4. Levelling a toon only as far as durance waypoint in hell, without completing the meph quest, and then keep killing meph on that toon for the quest drop.
    5. Rushing a new toon from level 1 to hell hellforge to build up runes.
    6. Logging on your high level toon and rushing other people for fun.
    7. Uber tristram runs
    8. Ladder
    9. PvP

    its hard to get bored with D2 when I can switch around to so many different activites. What does d3 really offer?

    1. alkaiser runs
    2. hellfire ring runs

    Anything else really?

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