Season 4 is underway and Patch 2.3 has brought countless new features to the game. Using Kanai’s Cube for *real*, trying new builds in S4, botting consuming softcore, Torment farming sweetspots, and playing defensively. Featuring MJinSpace and Flux.

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    The Diablo 3 Podcast #187: Season 4 and Patch 2.3

    • 0:30 — Intro, Season 4 envy, and random non-Diablo warm up questions.
    • 5:10 — Is there too much new stuff in the patch to find time for the season? “There’s a reason to do everything in the game now.”
    • 11:00 — How does DiabloWikiKanai’s Cube and all the new patch stuff feel when it’s “real” instead of just on the PTR? Going big defensive with Unity in the cube and other defensive gear. Odd to be so safe?
    • 20:00 — Where’s the sweet spot in higher levels of Torment? T7 for Bounties and DiabloWikiT10 for DiabloWikiInfernal Machines? Or just T10 full time if you can handle it?
    • 27:00 — Botting. Rumors allege that even Bliz employees are using bots. What % of the highest Paragon softcore players are botting? All of them? Why doesn’t Blizzard care to stop it on Battle.net? Captcha type authentication between game creation?
    • 35:00 — Why are both MJinSpace and Flux still doing Demon Hunters for main when the class got nothing new in v2.3? Deep into DH gear/build/skill issues. Beware.
    • 44:00 — Bored with S4 already? Time for S5? Planning on new classes/builds in S4?
    • 51:00 — Why didn’t Bliz think of something to do for +15m Grift clears? Boring and weird to get Urshi when she can give you nothing.

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