The Diablo 3 Podcast #178: Learning to Love RNG

The Podcast covers HC death and speedy rebirth, the 1000 Shard club, why no one cares that MF still works, Grifts vs. T6 Rifts, and the joys and pains of RNG. Plus shorter themed seasons, like No-Sets? Featuring N3rdwards, Tyr, and Flux.

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Hear more of Tyr on his Best/Worst podcast.

The Diablo 3 Podcast #178: Learning to Love RNG:

  • 1:30 — Recent play stories. Flux’s lost Demon Hunter to GR45 carelessness and the ridiculous joys of twinking with a Gem of Ease. Tyr’s Crusader bad luck. N3rdwards’ GR50 club Wizardry. The 1000 Shard club?
  • 11:30 — Why push higher than GR42 when shards from the Guardian max out there? Is botting ruining the Leaderboards, with all the Paragon 800+ cheaters?
  • 20:00 — Magic Find still works? But is finding more random legendaries really worth the trouble?
  • 26:00 — RNG for better or worse. Horadric Cache legendaries are so non-randomly distributed? Name a single Act Five cache leg for bonus points.
  • 40:00 — Greater Rifts vs. T6. Just do GRs and upgrade the keys indefinitely?
  • 49:00 — N3rdwards’ ode to Softcore. Counter point; HC brings the community together with elitism, whether you embrace it or hate it.
  • 58:00 — The hypothetical “no set item” play style has become a reality. Imagine a season of it with full in-game support?
  • 1:04:00 — Diablo 3 expansion #2 coming up at Gamescom? Or at E3 this week?
  • 1:11:11 — Diablo content in Heroes of the Storm. The Crusader has the perfect Blizzard game armor; totally decorative and non-functional.

  • The Diablo 3 Podcast Episode Guide in provides links to every show, plus quick summaries.


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    1. Good podcast. But I have to slightly disagree on one point: I do not love all RNG. A certain amount is good, but too much of a good thing is bad. RNG does not automatically equal fun. And D3 currently has far too much RNG in a lot of places.

      • A valid point, but of course if there wasn’t “too much” in some places, it wouldn’t be RNG, now would it? Same way there’s too little RNG in some other areas…

    2. The dependency on certain items can make the RNG a bad thing, and actually push people away from the game. I mean how many hours can you sink in looking for a specific item (eg: ancient weapon) before saying “ok, it’s too much”?

    3. 1- pardon my English …it is terrible

      2- ahhhhh the never ending debate about hardcore and softcore 🙂 I enjoy the hardcore playstyle, and to a certain degree hardcore and softcore when doing greater rift are the same now … Im paragon 843 , and people on hardcore have higher clear then me (im @ 51 now)….THE main difference is when you proc…. I guess in hardcore you play ultra defensive, or maye even wait for proc to end ??On softcore you say shit and continue …. But no matter the amount of toughness in high grift it dosnt matter anymore..

      My point is…Not every death is lag death(but one of the guess had 2 in a week….ffs that plain stupid..) Myself i would die, im not the best player in the world and never will be! But even if softcore, i had some lag death (my first try @ 50 grift….way ahead then boom 2400 ping , then death! In hardcore it was over.)I couldnt handle it. Not because im a father of 2….(paragon 850 is non season btw)not becasue im a step father of a 15 year old girl , not because of the wife taking time (lol)!! I just couldnt handle the fact that i loose everythin (100-200 heck 300 hours ) of work for a lag spike?!?! Watch my screen fly and me punching the dumb modem !!

      Hardcore is really appeling (terrible spelling??!) Id like the fact to focus on back up and manage your stuff and everything of it , but i straight up couldnt handle loosing everything to a lag or a lizard ddos ( we where attempting a personnal best 4 player , firend, and we were beating it…then lizard ffs!)So just for that , no ty ill pass on hardccore!

      keep up the great podcast !

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