Diablo 3 Podcast conversation about the end of Season Two, and a big preview of the changes coming this week in Patch 2.2. Also, pushing highest GRifts, and the horror of the male Wizard in Delsere’s bikini armor. Featuring MJNSpace, N3rdwards, and Flux.

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    The Diablo 3 Podcast #170: End of S2 and Patch 2.2 Preview

  • 0:30 — End of Season Two activities. Grift pushing before the deadline? Flux’s sad Demon Hunter demise.
  • 8:00 — The joy of playing a secondary build vs. feeling like it’s a waste of time when you could be 5 GR higher. Countess Julia’s mandatory for high GRs?
  • 14:00 — The realization that you can solo a much higher GR than you used to. Mental barrier more than gear barrier?
  • 18:00 — Favorite Rift tilesets, and new and improved ones on the PTR coming soon to v2.2. New bounty types also.
  • 25:00 — Seeking Lore achievements in Seasons. Why bother?
  • 29:00 — Patch 2.2 imminent. N3rdwards covers all the changes to Wizard sets and where the class is going.
  • 39:00 — Demon Hunter patch 2.2 set and legendary changes debated. Flux thinks Unhallowed Essences may outwork M6 and can’t wait for Natalya’s/Strafe T6 farming.
  • 54:00 — Monk improvements to Thousand Storms set in patch 2.2. Season 3 advance plans.
  • 1:02:00 — Why the male Wizard should not be. Plus amusing changes with the bikini-armor looking Delsere’s wizard set.

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