Diablo 3 Podcast conversation about multiplayer co-op issues in Diablo 3. What are the benefits of playing with others? Should there be more party skill bonuses? Why are the Diablo 3 clan tools so meh? The curse of the double-Unity requirement. Show features Aahzmodius, Wolfpaq, and Flux.

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  • 0:30 — Recent play stories. Wolfpaq remains immortal. The plague of mandatory double-Unity for GR30+?
  • 7:00 — Pet Doctor buffs mean nothing to Aahz’ Witch Doctor play style. Wolfpaq and the delight of Firebird’s Set.
  • 13:00 — Flux shares annoyance with Monk control system, again. And the joy of M4, if only the ferrets would stick to gold collection.
  • 20:30 — Multiplayer issues in Diablo III. Now useful to party, but still far from the huge D2-style boosts. Why is the best party in Diablo III just more Demon Hunters? How could mixed parties or play styles be encouraged?
  • 28:00 — Party up for Torment 6 bounties now? Why not, with guaranteed legendary from the cache? What would the ideal mixed class party be, and what game changes are needed to create it?
  • 37:20 — Clan issues. Controls and officer operations. Why so lacking in tools? What are the benefits of being in a clan, other than legendary looting messages? RIP for HC also.
  • 46:50 — Blizzcon coming up soon. What will we see this year? What has Diablo 3 shown at past years?
  • 54:40 — Will the next expansion include Act 6? Is there any reason for the devs to create it? No one plays anything but Act 1 and Rifts now.

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