The Diablo 3 Podcast #153: Co-Op, Clans, & Blizzcon

Diablo 3 Podcast conversation about multiplayer co-op issues in Diablo 3. What are the benefits of playing with others? Should there be more party skill bonuses? Why are the Diablo 3 clan tools so meh? The curse of the double-Unity requirement. Show features Aahzmodius, Wolfpaq, and Flux.

Click through for approximate segment starting times:

  • 0:30 — Recent play stories. Wolfpaq remains immortal. The plague of mandatory double-Unity for GR30+?
  • 7:00 — Pet Doctor buffs mean nothing to Aahz’ Witch Doctor play style. Wolfpaq and the delight of Firebird’s Set.
  • 13:00 — Flux shares annoyance with Monk control system, again. And the joy of M4, if only the ferrets would stick to gold collection.
  • 20:30 — Multiplayer issues in Diablo III. Now useful to party, but still far from the huge D2-style boosts. Why is the best party in Diablo III just more Demon Hunters? How could mixed parties or play styles be encouraged?
  • 28:00 — Party up for Torment 6 bounties now? Why not, with guaranteed legendary from the cache? What would the ideal mixed class party be, and what game changes are needed to create it?
  • 37:20 — Clan issues. Controls and officer operations. Why so lacking in tools? What are the benefits of being in a clan, other than legendary looting messages? RIP for HC also.
  • 46:50 — Blizzcon coming up soon. What will we see this year? What has Diablo 3 shown at past years?
  • 54:40 — Will the next expansion include Act 6? Is there any reason for the devs to create it? No one plays anything but Act 1 and Rifts now.

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    1. I main a monk in IncHCN and I second how annoying it is to reclick the left mouse button…. My hand would definitely appreciate Blizzard making a fix to it.

    2. Good show.

      For clans I'd like to see the membership cap increased to 500 or 1000. I'd also like to see "fun-centric" ladders for clans, like who has accumulated the most xp, gold or elite kills over the period of a week. It would also be cool if they added clan-exclusive buffs if the clan accomplished a goal over a period of time (like accumulating 10k elite kills over a month grants all clan members a bonus to elite buff for a day).

    3. I really hope they don't do what Aahzmadius suggested. For some people, this is a single player game with social and multiplayer features. I think you need to support both sides of the game and having something like the Unity is a great boon for people who prefer to play by themselves. There's more strength in numbers for all of the obvious reasons in multiplayer and benefits with the buff given; I think as it stands it's currently fine and rather than take anything away from either mode…I'd like to see them add more for each so people can tailor their gear towards the style of play they enjoy the most.

      • Oh, boy. Aahzmadius and I are gonna have it out. I'm replying as I listen. I think it's PARAMOUNT that you do NOT show people's builds snapshotted at the time they clear whatever rift they clear. When you're pushing for incredibly high rankings like beyond your region, you may literally be benefiting from a 1% advantage over another opponent with the same goals and by virtue of them not knowing exactly what gives you that 1% advantage, you are able to outperform them. I think in an era of competition, you have to have training secrets. It's not like the Cowboys are out there sending their practice tapes out to each NFL team every week. I don't think you'd ever expect that in professional sports; secrets are key to surprising competition and outplaying them, so why would you want that here?

        No one wants to think for themselves anymore. It's kind of infuriating.

        • "I don't think you'd ever expect that in professional sports"

          There's an example of that. Well, kinda. In Formula 1 each team of constructors have two drivers and both of them access to each others telemetry, telling them where the other gains on them on the track. The idea is that this closes the gap between drivers and results in closer and more intense racing.

          To be clear, I'm not arguing that we should have access to top players' builds in real time, I'm only saying that at least one professional sport uses such a system and don't think that F1 drivers of the same team don't compete with each other fiercely.

          • This is actually really fascinating. I didn't know that about F1. Thanks for the education! 🙂

            • To be fair though, it's a debated topic even there, mostly for the same reasons it is here. The situation I described actually changed slightly due to a recently added new rule, which says that drivers can't be told in the radio (their teams can see their live telemetry) how they can improve their lap times during a race, but they can still see their teammates telemetry in the pits during qualifying. Essentially this means that come raceday the drivers know if they are losing time somewhere, but if their teammate still has a few tricks up their sleeve they have to adopt to that during the race by themselves.

              Sorry for the OT rambling, but I'm a fan of both computer games and racing (I'm sure you can tell by now :)) and I think they could learn from each other as far as competition goes.

        • I can live with how it is now. I'm never going to be in that 1%, so I don't mind other people seeing my gear/skill setup. But I get that for those who are going for that level, there is an advantage to not showing it.

      • It's too skewed right now. The double Unity cheese (there, I said it) swings things too much toward single player. I feel safer in T6 with Unity X 2 than T5 in a group. That's wrong in a game that has so many co-op features.

        • Okay, I'll give you that. I can definitely sit it comicating the choice to stay single Ayer versus play with friends. I think that should still result in maybe a boon of defense being given to multiplayer rather than taking things away from solo. I think the actual philosophy behind it is that with two targets in multiplayer, damage SHOULD be split 50% of the time since every mob won't be focused on you. Obviously it doesn't always work that cleanly.

    4. you should put me on the podcast
      here are some ideas I would like you to hit on on the next podcast please

      1) I play all classes. (why is it a one class only game. seems like you are missing out on 5/6th of the game to me)
      2) How many of the same legandary gems do you have? (better to take gem off and put it on another toon) <– only costs gold and gold is so easy to get.
      3) Inventory space clan out and follower clean out ( time to clear out stuff you know you wont use) I had 8 extra legs on followers I dont even use
      Have a few more ideas also, but love the podcasts

    5. The chance that D3X2 premieres with a teaser trailer during the BlizzCon 2014 opening ceremony, directly followed by a 1-hour panel, has just raised to 90%!

      Check the today released BlizzCon 2014 schedule:

    6. Flux, think it is possible to create a consolidated leader board across all the clans? The actual leader boards are crap due to peoples using HUDs and gaming the system like having friends clear rift and then leave game so the remaining person gets a solo clear record. The intra-clan competion could be cool.

    7. Flux's general pattern of complaining gets old. Luckily Xanth balances him out fairly well.

    8. I had a slight idea when listening to you guys talking about an act 6 etc.

      What if….. after the Malthael death and whatever happened after that (Prime evils free or whatever…), we have some kind of redesign of all acts 1-5? Similar to what that WoW expansion cataclysm did.

      This would be a massive Act 6* (re-visiting redesigned versions of 1-5) in adventure mode map travel style?

      Rift tile set's could be both before and after this event.

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