The Diablo 3 Podcast #141: Conspiracy Theories!

The Diablo 3 Podcast #141: Conspiracy Theories!

Diablo 3 conspiracy theories! Can RNG can be cheated, do we know the weighting for all legendary drops, and more. Also the joy of clans, legendary material hunting, and feeling forced to play Torment. Featuring Flux, Rankil, and Muggs.

Show segment approximate start times.

  • Recent Reaper of Souls play stories. Both guests are successfully doing T4 to T6 Hardcore. In related news, neither can remember when last they saw the sun.
  • 4:00 — Monk complaints and issues. Blizzard’s pathetic Monk build for the Theorycrafting Thursday. Muggs main’s a 27,000,000 toughness Monk and he’s losing interest.
  • 15:00 — Flux suggests that Rankil and Muggs are going way too geeky min/max for most people, and that Blizzard might be targeting their content to more of a general interest player, rather than trying to impress the super elite .01%.
  • 22:00 — Hardcore elitists? The huge difference in gear quality (especially in Toughness) considered required for Torment 1 and higher in SC vs. HC.
  • 27:00 — Reaper of Souls incentivizes (requires?) players to enter Torment to find the higher quality gear. Is this a good system? People enjoy being challenged to step up their game instead of just crusing along in MP1 forever in D3v?
  • 33:00 — Legendary Materials and the joy of Clans.
  • 40:00 — Crafting gearing up. Hellfire Rings; now incredibly not worth the trouble. Should there be some superrare legendary materials and crafting options? Why no torment-only crafting?
  • 48:00 — Conspiracy theories!
    1) Does activating a Conduit shrine instantly empty the rest of the level?
    2) Does the Panda Fortress always appear every other level in Rift when you’ve only got time for one or two quick games?
    3) Do Wizards get better drops than the other classes?
    4) Are item drops set upon character creation?
    5) Does the game select 5-7 legendaries for each slot per game, and players can find them out and then gamble them?

  • 55:00 — Why do people so want shortcuts and feel the need to create conspiracy theories in Diablo 3 and other such games? Human nature?
  • 1:12:00 — Interested in Ladders? Both guests are, even though they’ve put hundreds of hours into their current characters and gear and a ladder means starting from scratch.
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    24 thoughts on “The Diablo 3 Podcast #141: Conspiracy Theories!

    1. @Muggs spot on with your talk about monks. I have 2 friends that are currently complaining about the same things. I definitely feel that people do not understand RNG and I also choose not to “cheat” my way through games.

      @Rankil Good information but you seem to like to talk a lot and over the other casters. Take a breath and use a bit more too and fro.

    2. “Why do people so want shortcuts and feel the need to create conspiracy theories in Diablo 3 and other such games? Human nature?”

      I think these are good starting points on this subject:

      “Interested in Ladders? Both guests are, even though they’ve put hundreds of hours into their current characters and gear and a ladder means starting from scratch.”

      I’m interested as well, exactly because it will “force” me to start anew. I really enjoy leveling and equipping new characters in RPGs (maybe more than playing the endgame) and ladders would give actual incentives to do so, even if only in the form of competition.

    3. Nice episode guys!

      In my opinion its not the items and RNG that are the main problems with RoS but the lack of stuff to do when you finally get the gear. People who got the BIS gear need some motivating endgame activity in order to set new goals. Farming rifts over and over with a 0.0001 chance to finding an upgrade is not motivating enough to keep striving.

    4. RSS feed broken for anyone else?

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    5. While listening to this and playing the game I thought a great way to “fix” legendary drop rates and whatnot would be to increase the odds of super rare legs as you increase difficulty, this way by the time you are T6 the 1/10, a class set, cindercoat or andariel would have as much chance to drop as any other legendary, the table would even out. It wouldn’t fix the diversity problem but at least the interest would remain as you start getting closer to BiS and small incremental upgrade are extremely difficult to find.

    6. Great pod cast this week.
      I was thinking that you should post a better build each week blizzard post one of theirs. maybe the people who are on the pod cast can just show a build they like with the same class as the blizzard posted.

      just my 2 cents

    7. I heard Muggs and Rankil mention they were missing some of the Set Plans for D3. Are you guys aware of the NPC Dane Bright who spawns in the Northern Highlands? He sells all the set plans and his inventory changes every 15 minutes when you return to him. He is very, very rare and I have only seen him twice. He could be anywhere on the map so it takes some time to find him. However, if you have a party of 4 searching for him it would obviously increase your odds of finding him.
      Completely agree about the state of the Monk at this point. I find the melee characters have become very boring and I am mainly using the Wizard and Demon Hunter to farm in the Torments. I can’t recommend a Cain’s set enough as my drops have increased double in frequency. I also found the Spalders Of Zakara which makes all your items invulnerable so you can farm higher torments without the penalty of armor repairs from dying (softcore of course ;p)

      • “so you can farm higher torments without the penalty of armor repairs from dying”

        Is that really such a big penalty when you can find 5k gold piles even at T1-3? Although I agree that ranged classes doesn’t really have good choices for shoulders without Sets. With my DH I was actually looking for a well-rolled Homing Pads before finding Marauder’s.

        • For my friends who just bought the game and have no currency, no paragon points, and have to craft gems? Um yah its a big deal.

            • Definitely entitled to your opinion but the newbies I talked into buying the game were frustrated at the goldsink of repairs. To most players this is a non-issue and I totally agree with that. My friend however thought it was extremely helpful and he was able to farm Torment 1 from starting at Normal. He never played a game like Diablo before and to him it made a world of difference. Like HardRock said above, it really isn’t that big a deal but it kept my friend from being frustrated and he found better items. It just depends on your skill level and perspective. He doesn’t use them anymore btw but he’s excited to try a new character with them until he gets past the learning curve. Not all of us are Diablo lifers.

      • I don’t think Rankil or I are honestly missing any of the set plans. Actually my last check I am only missing the leg bow plan for the blacksmith.

        You are correct Dane Bright is nice to find when you are searching for a plan. I have found him a few times now.

    8. @Rankill, you mentioned you have almost 3 complete sets for your WD. May I ask what Torment Level do you farm normally?
      many Thanks!

    9. Should be Rankil
      Sorry about the misspelling 🙁
      I would love to be able to edit my posts! 🙂

    10. Since I have been called a traitor, I guess I’ll make a post.

      Muggs basically shares the same views of monk as I do. We have talked a lot about the class. I decided to take a break from Monk because I was burnt out. There is maybe one or two items I could consider an upgrade, one of them is aughild bracers and sick of farming that material after crafting 40+ aughild items. Being burnt out and being slapped in the face by that ridiculous theory craft thursday just put me over the edge.

      My barb walked into T1 right when I hit 70. No gear saved. Granted, I was getting carried since my DPS sucked, but I was surviving fine and doing what I could. That first day, I found so many amazing items and crafted the one piece of gear that barbs need (reapers). In fact, my barb after day one had the same elemental elite damage as my 285 hour monk. 12 hours played at 70 on barb vs 200 hours at 70 on monk, same dps, same toughness. My barb is fine in t1/2, now just waiting for certain items to move up.

      Monk sets are garbage. Monks also have to craft in HC. Barbs only have to craft Reaper Bracers. That’s it (for the build I am going to do). Barb sets kick ass.

      I am just getting ahead of the power curve, because Blizzard is not going to fix monks. The dexterity vs stre vs int was not a big deal in Classic (please stop calling it vanilla) because we only had like 3k of the stats. Now with 7-10k of main stat, it is a HUGE difference. Monk is doomed if dexterity is not changed.

      I also am turned off from monk because I have to be a stupid auto attacker. It was kinda cool at first, but I played Bell Monk in Classic, died at pl63,66,100 all Bell monks. A lot of hours played on that spec (500 ish). HOTA/Fire barb feels like that spec, and I can get leap frog earthsquakes??? Why even bother with a monk that will NEVER have that power because monk does not have skills that could do that. LTK? OOO SO SCARY. WOL? Nerfed back to original crappyness. Oh, that is all their spenders. COOL.

      Maybe a return to monk will happen, but for now, Barb is fun. Barb makes me want to grind again. I want to lose sleep and be tired at work, just to get that extra 5 rifts in.

      Also, for grinding Aug mat, I would go into a bounty game, look for bones/archivist/ghost bounty in fester. Then after that, go to Belail WP, go into the sewers, and look for the ghosts there. There is a snake, 2 different ghosts, and moonshark that spawn there. 3 different mats in 1 location.

      Finally, you should just call the podcast HC Diablo podcast.

      • Good Write up KK and you know I agree as do most long time monk players. I do have over 300hrs played on barbs so I know the appeal. For now I am playing the DH and holding out hope for 2.0.5 and if that does not come then I may be joining you.

        • I only played barb for 100 hours in Classic, but it was all WW all day. I should of played it more… best spec ever.

          Wish it was still around. Real WW barbs in Rift would be SICK. These new fake wanna be WW barbs don’t cut it…

          • Kornkills, the WW spec was probably the most fun I had playing Classic. Spinning through MP10 in the Fields Of Misery getting 800-1000 killstreaks was a blast. I think the Barb is fine in ROS as compared to the Monk. But I agree with you completely.

    11. I play Barb and Wiz as mains. When I get bored (or frustrated) with one, I’m going to the other and I’m finding it refreshing and fun. Besides this 2, I leveled up WD and DH, spent great time with them (more with DH). And here goes Monk. I got through Normal, then decided to wait for guaranted legs per first boss kill (yea, right) and here I am with Monk, only Classic class never at 60. It’s just not so fun. You have all this nice skills on every class, except Monk. I’m not an Monk expert but it’s just not appealing enough for me to be one. Maybe if they could made Combination Strike kick ass?

    12. That Monk build just about killed off whatever good will Blizzard had regained with RoS.

      Okay, that’s an exaggeration, (seriously how I felt though) but my god, Blizzard, if you ever wanted the haters to think you had no clue about your own game this was definitely it. Yikes.

    13. 800+hours monk here. Rerolling a WD (Never played it before) and having fun dealing DAMAGE. Not just a pull-in/stun melee assisting class.

      I just hit 70 today. I’m gonna play some more tomorrow and see how fast can I get into mid torment

    14. What was Flux saying about viewing characters or profiles on the DiabloWiki site?

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