The Diablo 3 Podcast #135: Diablo 3 v2, Clans, Class Changes, and Our 17th Anniversary

Diablo 3 version 2 had a very busy first week with much player excitement. Topics include class changes pros and cons, build-defining legendaries, too-smart Smart Drops, First World clan Problems, and’s 17th anniversary. Featuring Flux, Rankil, and Sentarius.

  • 0:30 — Intro and surprise of the sudden Reaper of Souls shutdown and Diablo 3 v2.0.1 the next day.


  • 5:20 — Economy impacts in D3v2. Why are gems so expensive all of a sudden? People know Marquise drop in RoS, don’t they? Why all current crafting materials are worthless in RoS.
  • 11:30 — Pros and cons of the countless class changes in D3v2. Wizard and Witch Doctor have new and awesomeness. But not as awesome as is the Demon Hunter.
  • 20:00 — Build-changing and defining legendary items. Find items, structure your skills and tactics around them, rather than trying to do one thing and fit your gear to fit it.
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  • 27:45 — Do Smart Drops make cross-class farming too difficult? Great incentive to play with friends who are a different class; you can feed each other gear.
    This stirred some excite when ID'ed in the HC clan chat.
    This ObZod stirred some excite when ID’ed in the HC clan chat.
  • 35:30 — Legendary and set jewelry. More common that other legendary types, usually junk. Working as intended!
  • 41:30 — Clans and communities. Everyone likes, but has some issues, and Flux has First World Problems. Everyone hopes Blizzard is treating now as a sort of clans beta, and fixes and improvements will appear fairly soon™. Friend’s list issues. Clans really need Hardcore Death Announcements. In black and red letters with glowing flames.
  • 57:50 — Surprising and overwhelmingly positive reaction of the community to Diablo 3 version 2?
  • 1:01:40 — Surprised at how many people now enjoying D3v2 who know nothing about the new features and obviously weren’t following the Reaper of Souls beta at all? People who played briefly upon launch, gave up due to terrible itemization, and are now back and happy.
  • 1:07:00 — The 17th anniversary of Remember the very early days, and then the days. What’s it like to be part of an online community that’s been evolving for so long?
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    23 thoughts on “The Diablo 3 Podcast #135: Diablo 3 v2, Clans, Class Changes, and Our 17th Anniversary

    1. Not a bad episode, but Captain Nerd-Lisp was difficult to listen to for the entire podcast. I thought you hired a voice-actor to portray the stereotypical nerd with an awful, spit-filled nerd-lisp but he’s an actual person? WOW.

      • Wow you’re a dick. I like the lisp, gives an interesting voice to listen to. Speaking of interesting voices, bring Azzure back to the podcast to comment on gameplay post patch.

        • Alas, Azzure has not been following D3 lately, as he’s too busy losing his life savings dabbling in the sprawling ponzi scheme that is the bitcoin.

          I tried to interest him in some debate about the weirdness of commodity prices now, but he was too out of the loop for the IM conversation to go anywhere.

          • Bitcoin eh…ouch…

            I know a few people who keep trying to buy their way out, hoping it’ll recover. Not so sure.

          • I’m eagerly awaiting Azzurre’s next “bitcoin creators don’t learn from their mistakes!!” post.

      • People are different, get over it.

        Also he didn’t have the stereotypical awful nerd personality to go along with it, so really it’s no big deal.

    2. Congrats on reaching the milestone. is almost old enough to vote! Funny enough, it wasn’t much earlier than my 17th birthday when I found this site for the first time and couldn’t believe the treasure trove of knowledge I had stumbled across. I printed out every single page – Magic Find and all its gory details? Yes. Amazon background story and skills? You betcha.

      I loved playing the game (killing cows has never been so much fun), but this site became a home within the world of the game and I thank you guys so much for keeping it going for as long as you have.


    3. Thanks for having me on the podcast. I felt a little bit like a liability because of my lack of beta experience, but I enjoyed the conversation very much!

    4. I’m glad I got into IncHC before the cap hit, looking forward to actually getting to play with some people from here sometime! Once I get my gear up to comparable level, that is. =P

    5. Hey flux great podcast next time you and sentarius should have a lisp off with tongue twisters like “She sold sea shells by the sea shore” lol would be funny as keep up the great work

      • I sometimes throw tongue twisters to the guests in the pre show chat warmup. The rain in Spain falls mainly in the plain type stuff. My fave, which will break you: “The sixth shiek’s sixth sheep’s sick.”

    6. Hey i just re read my comment i didnt mean to sound like an a hole i love your podcasts and you have a great voice it has character sorry if i offended you or santarius

    7. Congratulations! I fondly remember browsing through the pages of unique items for Diablo II/LOD and drooling over the ones I wanted. I have continued to visit the site, but have just recently delved into the community. To 17 more years!!

      • No idea. Itunes is a total pain and constantly changes their system, breaking the auto-include settings we had previously working. None of us on the site use that devil’s software, so we wind up fixing things, then ignoring Itunes until some listener pops in to tell us it’s broken again.

        • Well I’m letting you know it should probably not be region restricted 😉

          I’d like to subscribe, but considering my other podcasts are in iTunes and I use iTunes to manage my iDevices, I’d rather not have to use another software or visit a site to listen.

          I’d appreciate it 🙂

    8. Made me sad to hear the opinion that the number of viable runes has gone drastically up. That’s definitely true for wizard and demon hunter, but it’s not so true for witch doctor. The witch doctor skills really look like it didn’t get the full attention. I just started using plague of toads, and I only consider 3 of the runes to be viable, 1 of which isn’t really viable with the legendary weapon I have. I love the class, but I feel like it’s so much more restrictive than any other class. Barbarian is the closest in that their fury spenders can be pretty disappointing for the most part. Witch witch doctor, I find myself seriously considering not using a mana heavy build because mana regen is extremely item dependent. Once you have enough mana regen you can try some cool stuff, or some resource cost reduction. It’s fine for the class to be different, but from an introductory level in torment it’s pretty rough.

    9. hi all,

      for HC deaths in clan;

      I suggest a pop up similar to azmodan act 3 \Hell has consumed your brethren Nephlam soon you will join them\ consider it a way for the developers to be cheeky and say ha we got you… maybe the portrait of the char in grey scale and R.I.P and the difficulty lvl t6 etc – has to have the least amount of destruction possible to not ruin gameplay or distract as a center pop up could..

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