Reaper of Souls beta chat including recent D3 dev livestreams, build-changing legendaries, the power of Paragon Points now that experience grows so quickly, and RoS launch party plans. Featuring Flux, Neinball, and Holyknight.

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  • 0:20 — Intro and Fan Art for three and a half hours with HolyKnight! Winter Olympics completion and the deep disinterest of most Americans for snow sports.
  • 4:00 — Imperius Wings of Glory with pre-order. Has want?
  • 6:10 — Recent series of Reaper of Souls developers livestreams with players. Half-interviews during play. I enjoyed mine with John Yang; how did the guests feel?
  • 13:55 — Reaper of Souls beta testing. Flux is loving it lately, how do the guests feel? Legendary drop rate is nice, and exp gain is amazing.
  • 20:10 — Paragon Points reconsidered; much more fun and interesting with the higher level up rate. They make a considerable difference in quantity; valid strategy long term just to grind and add them up? Especially for Hardcore, since they’re not gear that you can lose when you die.
  • 26:50 — Build-changing legendary items is the dream and goal of itemization. What have the guests found that fulfills that hope? Flux offers several recent examples and raptures over his Demon Hunter’s new Krindershot (Elemental Arrow now generates 4 Hatred.) Every class has numerous legendary items that change your whole approach. Neinball mentions the delightful Crusader flail that removes resource cost from Shield Throw.
  • 40:00 — Enchant costs and recent changes from gold to gems as the main price. Balance changes long term?
  • 43:30 — Legendary rings are junk. Long term issue? Working as designed?
  • 47:40 — Secondary benefits from mainstats are very uneven. INT yields huge Res All, STR yields huge Defense, Dex yields Dodge, which is much less valuable. Comparable equipped Wiz/WD will have 700 more res all than any other class. Unfair situation?
  • 53:00 — Class selection and play choice for the rest of the Beta and March 25+.
  • 59:00 — Reaper of Souls Launch Party plans. Flux and Neinball are going, HolyKnight wishes he were. We’re giving away 25 pairs of tickets via Diablo.Incgamers.com to the invite-only event.
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