Diablo 3 developer John Yang joins a livestream for an hour of Reaper of Souls conversation. Topics include Barb nerfs, Demon Hunter changes, crafting costs, legendary items, and much more.

    The audio has the full conversation from the video, plus a couple of minutes of extras at the start. None of the conversation ever relates to the video — we never talk about what we’re doing in the game as we methodically run Rifts — so you’ll miss nothing if you just listen instead of watch.

  • 1:10 — Barbarian nerfs in Reaper of Souls. Mainly changes to Fury generation via changes to Into the Fray, Thrive on Chaos, and the proc coefficients on Run Like the Wind, since it was too easy to exploit. Design is to gain around 3-5 Fury per second. Live Diablo III now 12 Fury/sec is not hard to obtain.
  • 7:50 — John says they tune for roughly 40% Crit Chance, 400% Crit Damage, and 1.5 Attacks per sec.
  • 11:00 — Demon Hunter issues. Grew non-viable in Diablo III at higher MP levels. How will the class fare in Reaper of Souls? DH feels much less squishy now. “Time to death” the devs aim for 10s. “Different skills for different difficulty levels.”
  • 16:50 — Hardcore Demon Hunter issues. John is open to adding a death-cheating passive, but he thinks the Demon Hunter has very good “oh shit” options already. How about Companion strength? They’re pretty tanky now.
  • 23:00 — Enchanting issues. Changing costs, possible preview of green/red changes.
  • 32:00 — Legendary changes and additions? John says yes, lots of improvements to the legendaries before and after launch. Costs for crafting legendary set items? Scarcity of legendary crafting materials does not correlate to value or need, and some types of Purples are much more common than others.
  • 42:00 — Quivers and critical hit chance; seldom found on legendaries.
  • 47:00 — Elemental damage variety. Much added recently. Much more to come.
  • 51:30 — Giving players control over item farming. Ways to search for particular item types? It was considered, giving some bosses added chance to drop certain item types, but rejected. Gambling!
  • 55:00 — Adding more end game content? Something to rush other than ubers and bounties and such? John can’t promise anything, but they are working on lots of things that may or may not implement.
  • 58:00 — Mainstat secondary benefits are very uneven. INT yields ResAll and STR yields Defense, both are much better than the Dodge you get from DEX. John agrees and says some boosts to Dodge may be coming. Reduced damage from “poop on the ground” or possibly another passive to help.
  • 1:01:01 — Blizzard does not hate Demon Hunters or Barbarians. But maybe Monks.
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