Monstrous and Neinball join Flux to debate the removal of Magic Find, more varied play options, tricky new legendary crafting materials, and share stories of the new Cursed Chests feature.

    No mention of the Release Date on this since we recorded it Wednesday night, before the news broke. Not sure what we’d say about that on a podcast anyway, other than, “Wow, already?”

    This is part two of the conversation began in Episode #126, but the shows cover separate issues and need not be viewed in order. Click through to see show notes and segment start times, plus screenshots of a couple of Nephalem Rift maps that are discussed around the 29 minute point.

  • 1:45 — Magic Find is being all but removed from RoS and D3v2.0. Flux argues against this change, Monstrous and Neinball argue for it.
  • 14:00 — Variety in play options and how that reflects, or does not, on Magic Find.
  • 18:00 — Legendary crafting mats that only drop from one specific monster in the entire game make for some fun and varied farming runs.
  • 24:00 — Spicing up Story Mode and making DiabloWikiNephalem Rifts more varied and rewarding.
  • 34:00 — The deceptive joys of palette shifting in Nephalem Rifts. Super shrines (pylons) turned down in Rifts now, but still amazing and maybe more appreciated since you don’t see them as often.
  • 40:00 — Cursed Chests conversation.
  • 43:00 — PTR mixing with RoS beta in the same game. Watch the Crusader with great jealousy.
  • 45:20 — The lack of stash space going into Loot 2.0, where more storage space is required and not being delivered.
  • 50:00 — Rambling final thoughts and bad jokes.
  • Dhalgur Oasis tileset Rift that was enormous and very altered in layout.

    Dhalgur Oasis tileset Rift that was enormous and very altered in layout.

    The buggy "100% already?" rift map from 29 minute point.

    The buggy “100% already?” rift map from 29 minute point.

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