The Diablo 3 Podcast #114: Hardcore Paragon 2.0 and Loot 2.0

Discussion of live Paragon 100s and dead Paragon 90s, issues with public games, Loot 2.0 and Paragon 2.0’s likely impact on Hardcore play, and a Witch Doctor makeover. Featuring Flux and Xanth.

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This show is the second half of episode 110, but there’s no overlap between the segments and you need not listen to one to appreciate the other. This one was delayed since all the datamining and auction house shutdown news mandated emergency podcasts last week.

  • 0:00 — Xanth and the conundrum of a Paragon 100 Hardcore. Play and risk dying and losing future paragon exp? Strip him for parts and sell off the gear to get value now before RoS devalues everything? Make a new char and pass down the gear?
  • 5:30 — Flux recounts the recent and tragic death of his Hardcore 91 Monk while Xanth cries like Nancy Kerrigan!
  • 10:15 — Mystic crafting options and their impact on “near perfect” gear. Or even gear that’s crap now, but would be fantastic if that one missing mandatory affix was present (like DPS?).
  • 16:00 — Public games vs. playing solo. Why the hell is there no counter to show how long a game has been open? Noobs with terrible gear in HC pubbies. Flux and Xanth impersonate elitist scum.
  • 27:00 — New skills from level 60-70. What should WDs get for new skills to allow new builds and diversity? Zoo Doctor build?
  • 34:00 — Paragon 2.0 changing everything for Hardcore with the sharagon system? Will death lose its sting? To the extent that builds will change and passives that just save your life are no longer so necessary? Should dead HC char exp count towards Sharagon when the system goes live? Do we need individual character level up bonuses on top of the sharagon system?

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10 thoughts on “The Diablo 3 Podcast #114: Hardcore Paragon 2.0 and Loot 2.0

  1. I’m sorry, but I have to disagree that support classes are useless, I’m currently farming mp7 on a group and if we can do it is because we have 2 support classes and 2 dps classes:

    – CM wizard with low dps high tanking aspd and crit.
    – Cyclone monk (my monk) really tanky and focused towars soaking damage for the party and gathering all mobs together.
    – WD high dps.
    – Last spot varies deppending on the fourth player, usually another WD.

    While you can do mp7 just having shitloads of DPS, it’s way more efficient if you have a team setup around certain AOE-synergy, it’s way safer than one could think before seeing it and the xp/hour is really good.

    So, this is not a playstyle that most people like, but I made a tanky set of gear for this purpose and I never switched back to my 130-140k dps gear because playing with people like this really made the experience more enjoyable, everybody has a function in the group and you can do harder content teaming up with good players.

    • AH in D3 is not about efficiency, it is pure exploit (the way it was implemented). Playing the game to obtain better gear is annoying then?

  2. Funny how Xanth says you know everytime he starts something 😀 even before explaining he says you know.. bit irritating 😉

  3. Still looking forward to more info on Loot 2.0 even now. I doubt they’ll fix the mainstat issue but we’ll hopefully see some kind of rework to alleviate that design flaw.

    • I consider LS on the weapon essential for a HC monk using Sweeping Wind. so yes. Backlash is giving up a ton of DPS for a skill that’s only (maybe)a life saver in case of lag or disconnect, so I will elect not to be that safe.

  4. On the topic of hardcore and the sharagon system, I think the addition of ladders may be their solution to most concerns. Non-ladder hardcore will be like the softcore of hardcore players. They may end up saying, sure lets give them all the sharagon xp for the dead characters, but ladder will start fresh.

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