Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls datamining exposed 5 (4?) character classes undergoing major changes. This podcast covers all 5 classes and the key changes (and omissions) to their skills heading towards the Diablo 3 expansion. Flux, Rankil, and Wolfpaq.

    Topic timeline after the break.

    • 0:20 — Intro to Rankil and welcome back to Wolfpaq.
    • 1:30 — Barbarian skills datamining. The Barb met the Nerfstick. About time after they’ve been OP since launch? Barb lost life steal from almost all skills, but so did the other classes, since that’s an overall change in RoS.
    • 8:00 — There are several character properties in Diablo 3 that can be really OP. These include fast movement, too much resource regen, easy high DPS, and life steal. All those things are being nerfed and adjusted in RoS, and the Barb had the most of them of any class, which is why his nerfs seem the most violent.He had the farthest to fall.
    • 11:15 — Are any Barb builds buffed or improved? Weapon Throw and Ancient Spear? We have an admittedly incomplete picture at this point, with much development and balancing yet to come..
    • 18:00 — Demon Hunter datamined skills. Tons of buffs to Hatred Spenders. Why the nerf to Discipline, when it’s already the hardest resource to manage?
    • 20:40 — What if all the classes got a reduction to damage taken, the way Barb/Monk/Cru do? Fixes to the Demon Hunter’s need to kite? Lack of burst damage that equals other characters?
    • 23:00 — The weird Archery nerf: Bows and pistol Xbows reduced bonuses and untouched bonus to Xbow
    • 27:25 — Monk datamined skills. Very few changes to the class and almost untouched passives. But new Monk passives are cool. Fists of Thunder changes: buff or nerf?
    • 33:00 — AoE vs. single target skills. Loot runs or other changes to promote more build diversity? Changes to Monk skills? Not to Mantras, because Crusader has them.
    • 38:40 — Witch Doctor datamined skills. The least changes in the datamining of any class. Devs just haven’t turned full attention to the class yet? Flux highly recommends the summoned vs. free Zombie Dogs debate in the Witch Doctor skills thread.
    • 40:20 — Undocumented changes may be legion. Plague of Toads has hugely faster movement speed on the console. Might such changes be coming to RoS, without any mention in the tooltips as a preview?
    • 42:30 — Why no proper Zoo Doctor build?
    • 45:30 — Wizard datamined skills. Tons of skills. Buffs and tweaks galore to the active skills. Wolfpaq has excite since he’s been playing only Wizard lately. Seems like the Critical Mass build is not entirely broken in RoS, to our surprise. Elemental damage types mattering will make a big difference to the wizard with all the changed elemental types on skills.
    • 48:30 — Infinite resource regen for the Wizard needs to be fixed? Or differs fundamentally from the Barb’s OP Fury filled?
    • 52:30 — Is Double Hydra enough to make the skill a viable build option? Would the “Hydras from corpses” have been better? Legendary items that finally matter to creating builds. For wizards and others.
    • 59: 00 — The best rune in several skills have now been baked in to the base form of the skill, with runes modifying that. Good change. Auction House close encouraging for progress? How best to prepare for the coming close of the AH and the transition to DiabloWikiLoot 2.0, DiabloWikiParagon 2.0, and DiabloWikiReaper of Souls?

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