Flux, JrMint, and Xanth discuss the surprise announcement that the Diablo 3 Auction House is shutting down in a few months. Loot 2.0 and everyone going self found, D3 console test bed, economic shifts, BoA everything, the transition to RoS, and why gold will probably be worthless in the future?

    • 0:30 — Intro, Auction House topics, and the new Diablo III community manager that was almost Xanth.
    • 2:50 — Auction House shutting down 18 March, 2014. Did they finally give up on implementing commas and scrap the whole system? First impressions from JrMint and Xanth include considerable surprise.
    • 7:15 — What will the trolls say now, that they can’t blame all of Diablo III’s problems on the RMAH?
    • 11:00 — Transition to RoS. New Loot 2.0 has to be in place when they shut down the AH since the current game economy doesn’t adequately support self finding. Will we see the expansion around March or April? Or the D3C version of Loot 2.0 for months and months until the eventual expansion?
    • 12:50 — Can we transfer characters and gear to the new system? Or do we need to start fresh, like players now into the Diablo III console? Will gold have value when the AH is gone? Many players now have far more gold than they’d ever need for in-game expenses.
    • 16:00 — JrMint describes the Diablo III Console economy and why he doesn’t miss the AH at all. Portent of things to come in Diablo III PC version?
    • 21:00 — Auction House was a vast improvement over WUG in D2. Can Diablo III improve trading over what D2 offered, even without an AH? JrMint rhapsodizes over the joys of self found upgrades. Will players do that, or run to third party black markets once the AH is gone?
    • 29:00 — Gold in Diablo III today has some in-game use, but primarily it’s a material you use in the Auction House. If the top gear in RoS, and everything crafted or Mystic-fied becomes BoA, what value or utility would gold have?
    • 33:30 — What to do with gold now? Horde it and hope it’s got some use? Buy mats or gems? Spend it on upgrades to level faster, since we know experience will carry over into Paragon 2.0 and RoS? Gold should have value; not just be something shiny you use to decorate the ground in Tristram.
    • 38:20 — Auction House made it easy to assemble specialized gear for certain builds. If you needed 3 specific legendary items with the precise skill bonuses, which you’d never find yourself. Is this ruined by no-AH? Third party sites and trading forums made mandatory? New B.net features coming at Blizzcon. How about an “Inspect” gear where each person can put their top 5 items for trade so anyone can view them?
    • 43:30 — Shed a tear for the Ironborn. Selfounders are out of business now that everyone is Ironborn? If the game is tuned for self finding, has Blizzard killed the Ironborn with kindness?
    • 46:10 — Blizzard’s long term financial outlook. RMAH was set to provide them with ongoing income from Diablo III that they didn’t see with D2. What will replace that? DLC? Item shop selling special gear or transmog looks? Could D3 go F2P at some point in the future with an item shop or monthly fee for extra services, more stash space, etc?
    • 54:20 — What to do during the last five months of the Auction House? How to prepare for the transition? Will all AH prices fall or rise over time? Will gems and other in-game expenses be lowered? They are cheaper on the console, and only 2 gems required for each level up all the way to Marquise.

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