The Diablo 3 Datamined Affixes List

Hold onto your hat stat-heads, we have posted the full list of prefixes and suffixes datamined from the Beta client. This is a massive list so be prepared. To help you understand the data, it takes the following form:

Prefix [AffixCode] Suffix of affixName (affixAltName) on ItemTypes

For example:

Rhino [DR 18] of the Fortress on Amulet, Chest Armor, Shield, Templar Relic

  • +69-72 Armor

Striking [LightningD 6] of Storms on Swing, Ceremonial Knife, Polearm, Spear, Bow, Wand

  • +6-(12-18) Lightning Damage

We have added the full list to the already packed Datamined Lists and information forum. As always, this info will be integrated into a sortable list on the DiabloNut database shortly. It should be noted that some of these stats will likely change over the Beta test period and on final release.

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    8 thoughts on “The Diablo 3 Datamined Affixes List

    1. Highland [Regen 18] Immortal on Amulet, Chest Armor, [FollowerSpecial]

      Regenerates 116.67% Life per Second


      • It’s Follower only (FollowerSpecial), just like every other Health regeneration enchantment listed, so you can buff your follower to have huge life regen but I bet he still die in 3 hits.

    2. does it work like this?
      on top tier item you get top tier mods
      on every item you get the same mod tiers
      on top tier items you have better chances for top tier mods than on the lower tiers

      => can i get the same mods on a tier 12 item as on a tier 16 item?

      • Not 100% sure but it’s most likely a % chance for your level going either way. So a lvl20 item would have a high chance to get lvl15-25 affixes but getting lesser as you reach the edge of the range (or something)
        This sort of information was moved to the servers shortly after the beta went live

    3. I always thought “of Thorns” was one of the most useless affixes in DII at high levels. Looks like it’s still that way; the highest reflector is 70-90 damage. Seems meaningless when you’re apparently going to be doing thousands of damage at high levels.

      Also, remember when they said life leech and magic find weren’t going to be major elements of DIII?

      • At lest the leech is not a % leech this time.
        Magic find sounds like it works on follower only from the text and is capped at 70% max on 2 pieces and about 35% of the rest.

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