Hold onto your hat stat-heads, we have posted the full list of prefixes and suffixes datamined from the Beta client. This is a massive list so be prepared. To help you understand the data, it takes the following form:

    Prefix [AffixCode] Suffix of affixName (affixAltName) on ItemTypes

    For example:

    Rhino [DR 18] of the Fortress on Amulet, Chest Armor, Shield, Templar Relic

    • +69-72 Armor

    Striking [LightningD 6] of Storms on Swing, Ceremonial Knife, Polearm, Spear, Bow, Wand

    • +6-(12-18) Lightning Damage

    We have added the full list to the already packed Datamined Lists and information forum. As always, this info will be integrated into a sortable list on the DiabloNut database shortly. It should be noted that some of these stats will likely change over the Beta test period and on final release.

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