As reported earlier, the Auction House has been enabled in the Diablo 3 F&F Beta. Remember, this is only the Gold Auction House and not the Real Money Auction house, which will look slightly different. The UI is nice and simplistic, but at the same time offers many search criteria for a detailed search. Our very own forum user Xajten has posted a nice video showcasing the functionality of the new Gold AH.

    There seems to be a few issues reported so far with the new AH from Beta testers, mainly an issue that is preventing purchased items from being sent to your stash, and an odd bug that causes your Blacksmith to reset his learned recipes.

    Blizzard QA Poster Vasadan had this to say:

    Hey everyone,
    We are aware of the critical issue that is resetting your Blacksmith’s recipes after sending an item you bought on the Auction House to your shared stash. This can also happen when selling items on the Auction House.

    In the meantime, please do not post any more threads about it.
    Thank you very much for your patience.

    We can only hope that these bugs aren’t serious enough to delay the DiabloWikiBeta!

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