The Darkening of Tristram event starts 1 January

Blizzard has already confirmed the return of the anniversary event last month but just in case you forgot about it, The Darkening of Tristram returns.

If you’re looking for some nostalgia, or can’t be bothered to install Diablo 1, then this is the closest you can get to the classic original in Diablo 3. The event runs from 1 January until 30 January so there’s a month to roam around inside the Cathedral. Alternatively just install Diablo 1.

If you want to know more about the event, head to the Diablowiki DiabloWikiThe Darkening of Tristram page where rewards and other useful information is available.

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  1. cool , was fun when it started , hope to get as much fun as last year

  2. I decided to play the original d1 again instead. The game is still amazing after two decades.

  3. The Darkening of Tristram event starts 1 January Is it a joke ?? in 5 hours its 2 January in Europe ?? Or just another blizzard joke ??

  4. The pre-cursor event (cultists) is from Jan. 1-3, then on Jan. 4th, the Darkening of Tristram event begins.

  5. Then they should have said it starts Jan. 4th and not Jan 1st

  6. The event clearly is tied to the cultists message leading to the portal. 30 seconds spent googling it would have show you that.

  7. I agree with Atlas the date should be the 4th and not the first, and Temujin I would never dream about googling why the start day is incorrect and by the way many of friends even dont know what The pre-cursor event (cultists) is ??? But anyway thx for info

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