Welcome friends to the latest installment of The Dark Library. This week we have a few more pieces of fiction from the halls of this great library. Without further interruption let?s begin.


    We start off this week with the Epilogue to the first book of The Key by DiabloWikiTamrend.


      Seith stared at the place where the others had been moments before. The afterimage from the flash of Niravi?s spell still lingered. ?You just keep still,? Noor said, the point of his sword under Seith?s chin. ?I?m taking you back to the king, traitor.?


    Next up this time around is Chapter 7 of DiabloWikiAnyee‘s Fulcrum.


      I followed the blushing rogue into the middle of the rogue camp. By now, the bustle had subsided into a small gathering of the female warriors sitting around the dwindling fire, talking in low tones about the day’s fight.

    Lastly this week is Chapter III: The Dreamscape from The Chronicles of the Dark Library by me.


      One night I saw glimpses of people all who felt familiar but I could not remember their names except one; Abigail. I didn?t know why I remembered just her name, but it had a familiarity to it that felt close and personal…

    Next week we will bring you more from the fan fiction community in the same conveniently posted bite-size format as well as some works from fan monster and fan class creators. If you have made fan fiction that has not yet been posted in the Diablo fan fiction forum, or just got inspired to do so, head over there and post your material, or ask questions to other fan writers regarding lore, writing style or other input. See you next week!

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