?Greetings James it has been a while my friend?, Paul Littermann said as he entered the lobby. James greeted him with a smile. “Kris should be in the office. I?ll join you two shortly after I greet the guests that came in right before you.? Paul nodded and headed up the stairs as James walked over and sat down on the old leather chair.

    “Sorry about that interruption friends. Greetings and welcome to The Dark Library I am your host; James Lourdes assistant to Curator Kristof Williams. Today I?ll be bringing you pieces from three tales. Without any further delay let?s get started.”

    “First I will share with you Chapter 8: The Mage from the story Bane; Hero of the North written by DiabloWikiBane. Here?s the first bit.”

      Bane sat back on his chair, resting his back against the support, thoughts of the last week drifting to him easily as the ale began to take hold. It had been more that seven days ago since his escape from the dreaded Necromancer?s tower, a place he had gone to steal a great object called The Tiger Jewel.

    “Next up is a short poem called Death Rose by poet and writer DiabloWikiMadrik Rimesorrow. Here?s a little piece of this poem.”

      Feel thy Chaos bloom as though
      Once set, it shall never end.
      Your own demise, with love devised
      To rend and maim; no amend..

    “Lastly is a new tome that has come if to us. It is a re-visitation of The Fall of Nightmares by writer DiabloWikiKire; here?s a little bit from it.”

      The Chaos Sanctuary. He crossed its threshold and gasped in contentment at the pure malice permeating his mind, from which he could only smile. Long had it been since he had stood within it. Even as he waited, he felt the immense power radiated from this hallowed source of darkness ?it invigorated him.

    ?Thank you all for coming please watch your step as you leave the lobby.? James stood up and helped a few guests with some questions. Then he went up the stairs to meet with Paul and Me.

    Will and Raena walked out of the office as he made his way up the stairs. After they pass by he walked up to the door and opened it. He noticed I was looking over my old journal. Paul looked at me and laughed. ?You know I still remember the first time I met you Kris. How you were such a gamble when you first came here.?

    Next week we will bring you more from the fan fiction community in the same conveniently posted bitesize format as well as some works from fan monster and fan class creators. If you have made fan fiction that has not yet been posted in the Diablo fan fiction forum, or just got inspired to do so, head over there and post your material, or ask questions to other fan writers regarding lore, writing style or other input. See you next week!

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