The rune-symbol I saw began to glow behind me. Will started to grab the people nearby him. Raena stepped in front of him and threw up a barrier of light. As I turn around at the door. The rune flashed a bright blinding flash and enveloped me in red fire. A light shimmer of red is seen before the flames try and over take me as I cover myself in my red Shroud of Wrath. The shroud protected me from the blast as I fell behind Raena?s barrier.

    ?By Khalim?s Will was that?!? I said as I stood up and brushed off the dust and soot off my clothing. Raena glanced at me as she held the barrier up. ?It looks like it was a trap. Set to explode when the rune was disturbed in any way.? Suddenly in the smoke and dust we hear a loud demonic screech. Something inside the dust moved fast and jumped out and ran strait for Raena and I. ?A demon?!? I yelled as it moved at high speed.? ?It must have also been a part of the spell,? Raena replied. ?An explosion and it summoned this nasty fiend to finish off anything that survived the blast. Damn these Triune cultists!?

    The demon?s form became clear when it cleared the dust; it was a type of demon hound. The hound panted and made loud screeching sounds as it kept on running towards us. I jumped in front of Raena?s barrier and began to channel my power. ?Rae do not move from that spot. Seal this room ceiling, walls, floors and doors with your Divine Barrier. I?m going to destroy this thing fast with my Runeweaving magic.? She nodded and began to chant her barrier spell. Suddenly the walls floors ceiling; everything around them was lit up bright as the sun.

    ?Let?s get this over with you piece of trash.? I begin to mutter words and chant three runes; Ber! Ral! Zod! The three runes flash in front of me in the form of a triangle as I focus my Wrath magic sending a vibrant red fireball forward from my hands with the runes in front. The hound tries to evade the fireball but cannot. It goes off right next to it and ignites incinerating the demon in a blinding red flash. ?Unstoppable Flame of Wrath.? I said as the room filled with smoke and the stench of the incinerated demon hound. ?Raena lowered the barrier and came to check up on me. I look at her in the eyes. ?Something truly didn?t want us seeing what was behind that door. Now that the trap has been disabled I think it?s high time we had a look.

    A day goes by after the incident with the demon hound. The room is opened with a few people standing guard as Will, Raena, and I head on in to see what else can be found. Meanwhile in the lobby James greets another set of guests for another daily reading. ?Greetings guests and welcome to The Dark Library I am James Lourdes; First assistant to the Curator Kristof Williams. Today I will be reading for you some new and old tomes from around the library.

    James walks over to the huge chair in the lobby with the guests looking onward. He reaches for a couple of books on the left side of the chair and sets down. Today I will share with you another chapter in a tome that hasn?t been shared with in a few months. That tome is the Winds of the Kae Huron. I?ll share with you Chapter 8 – Prophecy of the Final Day.

      And the voice of Bul-Kathos did not sound for some time, and he left Man to ponder what he had spoken of creation. But it would not be silent forever.

      For the Ancients came to me in a dream, and spoke of how the world would end – when fate ran dry and no more would destiny dictate the doom of this world. For chaos is the will of those who would undo all that the Great and Ancient King had worked to protect.

      And I was shown the end of the world.

    As James finishes reading he closes the tome and puts it on the other table. He grabs the next book and notices it was really dusty and blows the dust off and opens to a page marked by a bookmark ribbon. ?This tome I haven?t seen in a while. The tome of Lost Creatures & Cultures of Sanctuary; and a type of mage called the Aurian Mage. Here is a sketch by the author Veskin7 Bukito, and here are some of his writings. I?ll read a snippet on who they once were.”

      Centuries ago a Paladin named Jel Doh lead his army against demons attacking Lut Gholein. The paladins sacrifice achieved victory on the edge of killing all of them. Only Jel Doh and his closest friends survived, thanks to his skills and holy power. His gift was noticed by the powerful mage clan called the Vizjerei and they proposed to teach him as one of them. He agreed.

    James pulls the bookmark ribbon down over the next page and closes the book. As he sets that old tome down he find a newer tome. ?For my last reading tonight friends is from a newer tome called A Stone of Contention by DiabloWiki0xDEADCAFE. Here?s a few bits from Part 1.

      The Lord of Swag was pleased.

      Resting beneath a tall pine, his sword and shield stacked neatly beside him on the frosty earth, he smiled at his latest find, which he held lightly between his thumb and forefinger. It amused him to see the way it lit up his armor, to see the soft golden glints flitting over the seams and sharp edges of his other gauntleted hand as it moved in a slow circle around it.

    While James is wrapping up and talking with the guests I find an interesting tome in the room we were in searching. I noticed it had a symbol of our order on the front. Very worn and very fragile. There were a few more pieces of lore that we hadn?t seen before and took them all and headed to my office.

    James noticed us walking up the stairs towards my office. ?Find anything in that secret sealed corridor?? I smiled and showed some of the books I had in my hands. ?You might say that. We?re going to check the contents to see if we can find anything of value.? James laughed a little and paused, ?I hope so after that incident you guys were in a few days ago. The renovation teams going to hate you for a while for that one.?

    Next week we will bring you more from the fan fiction community in the same conveniently posted bitesize format as well as some works from fan monster and fan class creators. If you have made fan fiction that has not yet been posted in the Diablo fan fiction forum, or just got inspired to do so, head over there and post your material, or ask questions to other fan writers regarding lore, writing style or other input. See you next week!

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