The wind from my door blows into my office knocking out the candle on my desk. Will and Raena are still sitting there quiet. They both look up at me. ?Sorry for that delay; it?s the nature of the job.? I walk over to my desk and sit down with the door still open. Light shines in and lands on me and the wall beside my desk. I look at them both for a moment. ?So here we are; three people representing the three schools of magic from the order.? I pause for a moment, ?There must be a reason for this.?

    Will looks at me with a stern look on his face. ?It?s been two years since your father; the head of the order was murdered. Raena and I both know that you have been searching this while time for clues as to why. That explains the job in one of the most renowned libraries in all of Westmarch. How much info have you learned Kris.? I looked at him and then looked down at my desk. ?Not as much as I had hoped for really. Only recently have I been getting hints and clues.?

    Out of the blue Raena reaches forward and gives me a hard slap on the right cheek almost knocking me out of my chair. ?After these past two years you still haven?t found much?? She said in a loud tone of voice. ?All this time getting side tracked with fixing up this run down relic of a library!? I set back up rubbing my right cheek with a faint smile on my face. ?What?s that smile for; huh? We have been waiting two years for any word and?? Will raises his hand in front of Raena forcing her to stop. With a strong glare from his eyes she backs off.

    ?That is enough Sis; you should know very well how Kris feels about this situation. He may dilly dally around but when he works on something it will get done.? Will puts his hand down and looks at me. ?We came to help you Kris. This investigation your doing on your own is asinine. We?ll lend you a hand and show you what we have learned ourselves. Who knows maybe the library will hold what you need.? I nod and share with them all I know and learned up to this point in my time in the library. The following day we head off from the office to a rundown wing to the north as James gets ready to greet the daily visitors in my stead while I?m busy.

    “Greetings and welcome everyone to The Dark Library I am James Lourdes; first assistant to the curator Kristof Williams. I?m sorry he cannot be here today. He is dealing with some personal business. I will be sharing with you all today?s readings. Let?s start things off with part 3 of DiabloWikiKire?s Return of the Three: Terrors Return. Here?s the first piece.”

      I?m scared, I don?t like it here. It?s cold and I can?t see anything. My head hurts, but I can?t bring myself to reach up and find out why. This place?It looks like the catacombs under that old cathedral. It has the same smell of a tomb, I don?t like that smell. I got lost here once. I wasn?t supposed to be here; dad says the church is left over from some old religion and we follow the Zakarum now. Dad and his guards spent hours wandering down here looking for me; he was very mad at me and made me promise never to come down here again. I didn?t have to promise, this place scares me like nothing else I?ve ever known. Why am I here?

    ?Next up my friends is a small poem by poet DiabloWikiMadric Rimesorrow called Chaos. Here?s the first few lines.?

      Welcome to the realm
      From beyond charnel time
      Despair all you can before
      The bells of the lich-gate chime

    ?Finally the last tome to be shared today is by DiabloWikiAnyee, and the second chapter of Fulcrum. Here?s the first little bit.?

      I awoke before daybreak to the chanting of demons, their screeching voices taunting the few Rogue scouts that had allowed us a few snatched hours of respite. The sleep had been restful, but all too short and not very pleasant. My dreams had been troubling, the maw of a beast in the sand choking on its offspring, my teacher, burning alive in a wall of fire. My brother…

    As James finishes reading the tome a loud crash is heard in one of the lowest levels on the north wing where the renovators haven?t fully stabilized the area yet. It is in this hallway that something is discovered; another sealed doorway. Will uses some of his void fire to clear away some of the rubble while Raena casts a healing rain spell healing a few that were injured in the debris that fall. I walk up to the doorway and look at the rune-work.

    ?Interesting,? I said looking intensely at the runes. ?What is it?? Will asked as I took a step back. ?These runes they are almost demonic. Almost cultic in nature. Whatever the hell is behind this door might give us some possible info.? Will stood up looking shocked with a concerned look in his eyes. ?Cultic in nature you say?? I nodded back to him. ?There is only one cult that could even remotely use those symbols? the Triune!?

    Next week we will bring you more from the fan fiction community in the same conveniently posted bitesize format as well as some works from fan monster and fan class creators. If you have made fan fiction that has not yet been posted in the Diablo fan fiction forum, or just got inspired to do so, head over there and post your material, or ask questions to other fan writers regarding lore, writing style or other input. See you next week!

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