?I see; so that is why you never wrote back to the order. The work was that rigorous. You also received backing from the King no less.? Raena sighs, ?You always were so obsessive compulsive when it came to things. You?d work on one thing and that would evolve into something so much bigger. It would be the major reason why you never mastered the Void or Divine schools properly.?

    ?Things happen Rae, and there is much more going on in this library than I originally thought. I?ll tell you and Will more later.? I look at them both noticing their shrouds. ?So I see Will graduated with a Void Weaver, and you Rae; a Divine Weaver.? Will chuckled a little. ?I always had a thing for the dark magic in the order. But the thought of channeling the very magic that Sankekur used for the greater good was interesting. Using the enemy?s powers against them. ?Wrath of the Void? as it was taught to me.?

    Raena looked at me quietly for a moment. ?You know me; I always liked to be the support for the guys in the field. Being able to heal and defend those who cant defend themselves. Channeling the ?Wrath of the Divine Light? as it was also taught to me. You on the other hand chose to add runic powers into your Wrath weaving. What was it called again?? I sat there and smiled for a second. ?The Runeweaver; channeling the ?Wrath of the Human spirit? with the power of the various runes from Sanctuary.?

    The office goes quiet for a moment as the candles on my desk flicker. The candle starts to dim a little. I put my left palm up to the flame cuffing it so it doesn?t go out. I mutter a spell and a rune flashes in the flames and the flame calms as if the air were still and brightens. The odd silence is broken by a knock at the door. ?Yes what is it?? ?Sorry to interrupt you sir but your daily group of guests have arrived and they are waiting for you.? It?s my assistant James. ?I?ll be right down.? I get up and look at Will and Raena, ?Sorry about this you two. I?ll be back shortly.? I walk to the door and head out of the office; closing the door behind me.

    ?Greetings everyone sorry for the slight delay. Welcome to The Dark Library I am Kristof Williams the Curator. Allow me to share with you some new stories we have received recently. First up is a new tome by DiabloWikiKire called Return of the Three. Here is an excerpt from the first part.?

      ?You don?t have to do this. There has to be another way?There HAS TO!?

      Tal Rasha glanced over at his friend?s worried visage. Jered Cain had been opposed to the idea from the beginning. Even now, wading through dank, dismal tombs from ages past, he desperately tried to persuade Tal Rasha to change his mind, to find another way. There wasn?t.

    ?Next up DiabloWikiTamrend is back after finish the first tome of DiabloWikiThe Key and is planning to rewrite and improve it. Here is a part from the Prologue.?

      Maeryn slowed and crossed her arms against a sudden chill. She suppressed a shiver, rubbing irritably at the gooseflesh that that arose on her skin. The two young women in front of her never slowed in their progress, the sunlight dappling their lean frames as they glided deftly through the undergrowth.

    ?For the last piece for your visit tonight friends is a page from a tome of poetry written by DiabloWikiMadrik Rimesorrow and his poem Signs??

      How do you know when evil is near?
      What is it that you must fear?
      Anguish awaits those that are dear.
      Do you dare to see, to breathe, to hear?

    I close the tome and set it down next to the other books by my chair and stand up. ?That is all for now my friends. Now if you?ll excuse me I have pressing matters to attend to. If you have any questions please ask James here.? I walk up to James and slap my hand on his right shoulder. ?It looks like I?ll be busy for a few days James would you mind covering for me?? James nods, ?Not a problem sir I did it while you were gone to Bramwell.? I lift my hand and start walking towards my office. ?Thanks James; there?s a reason you?re my main assistant after all.?

    Meanwhile in a dark hallway in a very run down part of the library two people meet. ?Are you sure it is here in the library?? One man says to the other. ?Yes there is no mistake. It is the room the master seeks.? A faint cackle is heard echoing the hallway. ?Excellent news; the master will be pleased indeed. I?ll inform him of your progress. Do not blow your cover. We need you for this to work.? ?Yes of course by the master?s will.? The two men quietly go in opposite directions and vanish into the shadows.

    Next week we will bring you more from the fan fiction community in the same conveniently posted bitesize format as well as some works from fan monster and fan class creators. If you have made fan fiction that has not yet been posted in the Diablo fan fiction forum, or just got inspired to do so, head over there and post your material, or ask questions to other fan writers regarding lore, writing style or other input. See you next week!

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