?This hidden area looks like it was designed for sealing something major. We need to seal the doorway away for now.? I said to Sam, and Damon who just walked up to the door as we came out. ?Close the door I will put a magic seal that will alert me should this door ever open.? Sam closed the door and I began muttering a spell and a runic symbol appeared on the door and around the door knob. ?There now please put the book case back in front of this door and make sure no one ever moves it without my permission.? The restoration team that was there pulled the shelf back in front of the door. ?Everyone here will not speak of this secret door in public. Only with me in my office. I don?t want anyone outside to know about this place.? After everyone was done I went back into my office to ponder my thoughts.

    ?I never knew such a huge area could exist in this old library. There must be a reason for it; maybe it is tied to this old tome.? I unlock the safe next to my desk and pull out the old leather tome that had a seal. A whisper is heard behind me. ?So you saw the room of sealing young Kristof.? I turn around and see the ghostly form of an old man. I was the Archivist whom I had believed to of been the previous Curator. ?It most defiantly caught my attention as well as my concern. Why was this even in this old library? What purpose is there for this huge hidden area?? The ghostly old man walked over and placed his ghostly hand on my left shoulder.

    ?The time for that old tome?s use will come sooner than you think. You are starting to see the greater picture slowly unfolding. When they come you will know so much more.? ?They?? I said with a puzzled look on my face. The ghostly man nodded and stood back up. ?Yes you will know them when you see them my friend. I will reveal more to you soon.? The mans voice started to fade away as he blew away like smoke being dispersed and a gentle wind blew around the office and my candles went out.

    The next day came as I was still in my office pondering what I had learned and what the ghostly Archivist had said to me. While I was deep in thought my first assistant James came to my door. ?Sir your daily visitors are here ready for you to showcase some of the stories again.? I sigh and stand up from my chair and straiten my clothing and look at James as I come to the door. ?So many things have happened within the last twenty-four hours. I have a lot on my mind. I also was visited again by the Archivist. I think he, the old tome, and the secret room and all connected somehow.? James nods, ?You will find out everything I?m sure sir; let?s go your guests await.? I nod and walk out the office door and James closes it behind me.

    ?Greetings friends and guests; welcome to The Dark Library. This evening I bring you two pieces; one from a compendium and the other a poem. We’ll start with the poem first.”

    “In this tome of assorted poetry I bring you Equilibrium/Gray by DiabloWikiMadrik Rimesorrow

      A fire of ice and a frozen flame.
      Life and death are just the same.
      Winds of fear do the demons tame.
      Where am I without a name?

    “Wrapping things up I give you an excerpt from the Compendium of the Orue Agea by DiabloWikiKire for the Alchemist

      By the grace of higher powers I, Arlore Geid, High Librarian of Cedurnem, do set forth this chronicle to give insight to those who wish to know the purpose and history of the esteemed Orue Agea, known by most others as Alchemists, and of which I am honored to be part. As with all things, truth is in the mind of the beholder, and thus one must understand that this truth that I present is only truth in regards to what I have learned of before. In that way, the society of the Orue Agea is built upon the pursuit of truth and peace. Here and now, I intend to unravel the mystery of our history and the threads of the past that have woven together in our present.

    As I finish Sam comes over. ?Pardon Sir but there are some visitors at the entrance that want to speak with you. Damon is keeping them occupied while I came to get you. ?How many are there and who are they?? ?There are two people sir; one man and one woman. They say they are old friends.? I looked at Sam with a faint smile. ?Would one of them have red hair, and a fiery attitude?? ?The woman sir, she almost took Damon?s head off because she was asked to wait at the entrance as others went inside.? I sighed and laughed a little. ?It has been a long time for sure. Thank you Sam I?ll go meet them.?

    At the entrance there two people stood talking to Damon. One wearing a black shroud and the other a white shroud. The man had dark brown hair and a very sarcastic wit. The other was a woman with red hair and a fiery attitude. ?How dare you hold us here at the entrance and yet let that group of guests go in. What nerve do you have for keeping us here?? The woman said getting in Damon?s face and very angry. The man behind her began to smirk. ?Does he really have to do this to everyone he knows? Khalim help us; what he probably does to other guests he meets.? Foot steps are heard from the front door as all three of them look down the hall and see me walking up. ?It has been a while, Will, Rae; sorry time passed by without any updates on my progress.?

    Next week we will bring you more from the fan fiction community in the same conveniently posted bitesize format as well as some works from fan monster and fan class creators. If you have made fan fiction that has not yet been posted in the Diablo fan fiction forum, or just got inspired to do so, head over there and post your material, or ask questions to other fan writers regarding lore, writing style or other input. See you next week!

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