?Just put that crate inside my office upstairs right next to my desk.? I said to some workers as I entered the library after a long trip to Bramwell and back. ?Right away sir, Sam help me with this crate it?s heavy!? I walk towards the lobby as the crate is delivered to my office. James was in the lobby getting ready to greet some of the daily visitors with some readings of books. Before he sets down and begins to read he notices me.

    ?Well I?ll be, I?d thought you?d never be back.? he said as he got up to greet me. ?Looks like things are well and in order in my absence. Here allow me to greet and read for the visitors this time. Oh and there is a crate being delivered to my office please check and make sure that the two gentlemen that are taking it up there do not break anything.? ?Of course sir I will be back in a few moments.? James walks off towards my office as I set down in my old chair. I notice so many new and old books laying on the left and right tables I also notice I have a back log of mail. I notice three new books that catch my eye and begin to greet the guests.

    ?Greetings friends and welcome to The Dark Library, I am your host and curator; Kristof Williams. This week I see in my absence we have many new books. I?ll read from three of them for you this evening. So set back and relax and make yourselves at home. We?ll start with The Tale of the Fall of Levid by DiabloWikiMadrik Rimesorrow.?

      There is only snow here, pure and white.
      It blinds one’s eyes as ’tis so bright.
      As far as sight, there be only snow.
      It spreads to the horizon as far as I go.
      My morale is low, but I must trudge on,
      Sleep beckons; I must not yawn.
      And there I see the carrion-crow.
      I ready my bow and mount an arrow.

    ?Next we open a tome with a short story called Seeking the Fifth Hero by DiabloWikiDalai Lama.?

      ?I sense a soul in search of answers?… the words had rung in the sage?s mind for nearly a decade, but only with Akara?s restored powers and recent information had the shards of truth began to form a whole. The forbidden union of Horadrim and Sightless eye had yielded a child with prodigious abilities.

    ?For the final book this evening we open the pages of the tome The Journey Through Eternity: The Maiden of Anguish by DiabloWikiRodge, and Chapter 1: The Fall.

      The Monastery is quiet.

      Candles and torches were all lit, giving off a sense of safety and warmth. Most of the place is shrouded in darkness, with only the aisle and the altar graced with the light, and they only make up less than a fourth of the cathedral.

    ?Thank you for coming to the library this evening ladies and gentleman. Please make sure to enjoy the library and be careful of the construction in the many wings of this library. If you?ll excuse me I have some personal business to attend to.?

    The crowd in the lobby disperses as I get up from my chair and head to the stairwell that leads up to my office above. When I get there I see my crate setting by my desk with James there to greet me. ?Welcome sir the men just left the crate a few moments ago. May I ask what is in the crate?? I look at James with a smile and said, ?Lets just say I have a few momentos from my trip in here. I did say I went to greet an old friend who was a blacksmith. This is some of his work.?

    Next week we will bring you more from the fan fiction community in the same conveniently posted bitesize format as well as some works from fan monster and fan class creators. If you have made fan fiction that has not yet been posted in the Diablo fan fiction forum, or just got inspired to do so, head over there and post your material, or ask questions to other fan writers regarding lore, writing style or other input. See you next week!

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