Greetings Ladies, and Gentlemen; welcome to The Dark Library. My name is James Lourdes – assistant to the Curator Kristof Williams. He is busy on personal business at the moment but I can show you the latest stories from the library today. Please follow me to the central lobby. Don’t forget your torches as we don’t have much light in these hallways.

    James shows everyone to the large central lobby and everyone places their torches in nearby stands so the room becomes well lit. James goes over to the chair by the north wall where Kristof reads the latest chapters and old stories for the library’s guests.

    He sets down for a moment and looks on the tables that are next to the chair on the left and right sides. Many books stacking at least 10 books tall in three to four stacks on both sides. Some of them newer and others old or really falling apart. He recognizes some of the books titles as these are some of the books he gives previews on for the guests that come. On the right side setting on the book The Key by Tamrend he notices some recent mail that has come and that was opened.

    He opens the large envelope and begins to read. “These are the latest chapters of The Key from Mr. Tamrend. I need to make sure these get into print soon and added to the unfinished book here.” James looks up at the room of people and pulls out one of the chapters.

    “Sorry for the delay friends let’s begin. This week we start with Chapter 25 – Conflagration from the first book of DiabloWikiThe Key by DiabloWikiTamrend.”

      Kelsia felt it at once, a change in the magic that coursed up from the staff. Still surging through her, but now bent by the word she had invoked, it eagerly pushed outward into the physical world. Flames burst from her body, engulfing her attacker. He cried out in agony and rolled clear of her, but the fire clung to his hair and clothing. As she watched, it eagerly began to consume the rest of him.

    James puts the paper back inside the envelope and notices the old book Bane: Hero of the North by DiabloWikiBane all dusty. He blows the dust off the old book and opens to a page that Kristof bookmarked. It was for the next time he would preview the book. It was marked for chapter 6. “Alright everyone last preview for this time we have Chapter 6: Haunted Dreams from Bane; Hero of the North.”

      The crimson tapestry moved slightly, as if caught by a hidden draft. The room was a mystery to Bane for he had never been in one quite like it before. The walls were black as pitch and the tiled floor seemed to move like water. Huge pillars of swirling red mist burst all about him. Looking out of one very big window Bane’s eye’s widened as he saw a sea of lava hugging the building he was in, small eruptions of fire breaking its surface.

    “That is all for this week everyone. Thank you for being patient with me as I don’t do this as often as Mr. Williams. Here allow me to show you out. Don’t forget your torches, and please put them out before you head out the main doors. You can find a large ceramic tub there by a large bucket of water. Put them out and toss the torches in the tub and thanks for coming to The Dark Library.” Once all the guests left the library James went around to make sure that no one else was left inside the library and locked the front doors and closed the library for that evening.

    In the Curator’s office Kristof was reading the letter that troubled him so. He also noticed a large cross-like symbol at the bottom of the letter. “So he has found me and needs to talk to me about an old Relic that looks like this design. *sighs* That symbol takes me back. The Untainted order of the Zakarum. The followers of the uncorruptable Khalim. This man’s caravan comes in a few days I had best be ready to meet him and make sure something bad doesn’t happen.”

    Next week we will bring you more from the fan fiction community in the same conveniently posted bitesize format as well as some works from fan monster and fan class creators. If you have made fan fiction that has not yet been posted in the Diablo fan fiction forum, or just got inspired to do so, head over there and post your material, or ask questions to other fan writers regarding lore, writing style or other input. See you next week!

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