We begin this time around as I am walking through ruins in an old run down abandoned wing of the library that was lost and abandoned due to wear and time. We see pieces of old and rotting books ruins and lost for all time with the hallways covered in thick vines and some roots. The setting in this old wing makes you think of the Tristram tunnels near the city of Tristram.

    We see me climbing over rocks of walls broken with a torch in hand searching for anything about the Archivist and any old lost history of The Dark Library of Sanctuary. A sudden wind blows through the tunnel almost blowing out my torch. I’m startled as I fall backward while I hear whispers in this gust. “You will not seek that which you want to find here. You must search even deeper in the library.” As I get up from the mossy covered stone floor I see a slightly damaged book with the library’s trademark insignia faded and worn on the cover. The book’s cover is made of leather from Dune Threshers which dwell in the desert sands of Kehjistan.

    I am amazing by this book and its condition regardless of its ware. I must study this book over when I have free time. Now we fast forward to two weeks later and I have been busy working on improving the library some. But that can wait because my weekly guests have arrived…

    “Welcome, friends to The Dark Library. be careful folks as you walk through to the center lobby. Make sure you don’t drop your torches as it would be hazardous to the books around you.” I pause as my guests gather around at the center lobby in chairs lined up near tables. I walk past greeting everyone individually as I go to my large chair in the center of the corridor. My assistant hands me two books; The Key by Tamrend, and considered once a lost book called Bane: Hero of the North by DiabloWikiBane. “Now then everyone this week I have two stories for you beginning with Chapter 4: Lost Child from Bane: Hero of the North.” I put on my glasses as I open up the old book and start reading the opening paragraph.

      Bane had never thought he would be so happy to see the sun glaring at him again but a great relief passed through him as Corim led him back to the surface, towards a beam of sun-light.

      At first the sun had burnt his eyes for he had not been near light for days, the last torch burning out a few days journey from the spider lair. Corim had said his farewells before Bane had left the underground city, saying he had no wish to see the sun.

    “Next up my friends is an older chapter in DiabloWikiTamrend‘s amazing story DiabloWikiThe Key. This time it’s Chapter 14: The Hunt. Listen well as I read.

      The door lay at the end of a long corridor, with empty rooms to the left and right. One of the soldiers rapped his knuckles three times on the smooth oak, took a step back and waited. Maeryn flexed her fingers inside the leather bindings of the suwayyah. Something bothered her, and she took a moment to decipher the feeling. The walls felt too close, with the four of them crowded together there, two by two. If an enemy attacked them from the other side of that door, there would be no room to maneuver. The drone of an active magic spell drowned out her perception what lay beyond the door. That alone was cause for suspicion. She counted the beats of her heart in the silence. When she reached ten, she said, ?Open the door, Adept Lorimer.?

    “That’s all I have for you for this visit friends. Please be careful as you leave the lobby. Now If you will all excuse me I have something that I need to do. If you need anything I will be in my office.” I walk away as my guests mingle about talking about the stories I showed them. Some started to walk out putting out their torches before leaving. I headed up some old stairs that lead to my office that was two floors up. I grab a small torch and head in and close the door. I light up some old candles on my table and put out the torch.

    I walk back up to my desk after putting away the torch and look at that old book I had found two weeks ago. I cleaned it up and repaired it some. “Now let’s have a look at this thing and see if it has anything that can help me find out who the Archivist is and some of this library’s lost history…” I pull the chair away from the table and set down. As I push myself back up to the table I grab the book and get ready to open it when a gust of with pushes open my office door and blows out the candles. An all familiar whisper is heard in the wind. “Not yet…” I look up at my office doorway and see a figure of an old man hunched over. “So we meet at last…”

    Next week we will bring you more from the fan fiction community in the same conveniently posted bitesize format as well as some works from fan monster and fan class creators. If you have made fan fiction that has not yet been posted in the Diablo fan fiction forum, or just got inspired to do so, head over there and post your material, or ask questions to other fan writers regarding lore, writing style or other input. See you next week!

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