Welcome to the second installment of The Dark Library. This week we bring chapters 4 and 5 of DiabloWikiThe Key from the Fan Fiction Forum for you to enjoy. Links will provided here along with a small bite sized snippet or two for you to get a brief preview. Continuing in their adventure this week to return a staff Shael, and Kelsia have ran into a rather rough spot. See what happens below….

    The Key – Chapter 4: The Mountain King

      Kelsia glanced behind her, worried for the horses, but Copper and Cloud were blithely munching at the grass, oblivious to the bodies of the boar creatures littering the grass toward the edge of the clearing. There was no sign of the white wolves or the vine.


      The shape changer moved forward effortlessly, carrying her deeper into the brush, and she struggled to follow. Itchy, stinging scratches already covered her face and arms, and her clothing kept getting snagged on brambles. The stranger seemed almost to melt right through the undergrowth, like a ghost.

    The Key – Chapter 5: Magic

      Kelsia awoke from a fitful sleep, her dreams haunted by snapping jaws and glowing red eyes. Loric stood in the doorway, silhouetted in the glow of lamplight. ?Wake Shael,? he said. ?You both need to get ready.?

      Kelsia sat up and shook Shael to wake her. Through the room?s window, she could see stars shining in a sky of deep twilight. Though tired from a night of poor rest, anxiety helped fuel her actions. Shael fared worse, as she was still throwing off the aftereffects of the poison, but Kelsia coaxed her out of bed and helped her dress.

    Next week we’ll continue the adventures of Shael and Kelsia, conveniently posted in bitesize format. If you have made fan fiction that has not yet been posted in the fan fiction forum, or just got inspired to do so, head over there and post your material, or ask questions to other fan writers regarding lore, writing style or other input. See you next week!

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