Welcome to the next installment of The Dark Library. This week on the first TDL of 2010; we bring you one chapter each of The Key by Tamrend and Winds of the Kae Huron by Nephilim. Please enjoy as we begin this new year!

    Winds of the Kae Huron – Chapter 4: The Zakarum

      Kinemil was eternally shaken by the inspired clarity with which Ume saw the rest of the world. Enough to guess how people would act, and what they would do next.

      For Qual-Kehk did concede, and Anya was enthusiastic to recover whatever lives she could.

      Kinemil was a Paladin of the Zakarum. He had been trained not just to be a soldier, but a leader – to inspire the unenlightened rabble to do great deeds of valour in the name of the Que’Hegan and the Light. The fact that his institution had been turned into a lie by Mephisto rendered these truths no differently. Kinemil was a good, natural leader.

    The Key – Chapter 10: The Portal Stones

      ??top of the last rise.? Kelsia jerked upright, grabbing a handful of Cloud?s mane to keep her saddle. They had slowed to a walk to give the horses a rest and she had begun to fall asleep.

      ?Are you alright?? Seith asked. It took a moment for her to realize that the question was meant for her.

      “I’m fine,? she croaked through a dry, raw throat. She would not look at him.

      ?I can hear them again,? Marius said. Kelsia listened closely. She could just make out the hellspawn?s bestial cries. ?They?re gaining ground.?

      ?Let?s give it another sprint.? And they were off again, forcing the horses once more to run when cold sweat already soaked Cloud?s sides and she panted at a dangerously quick pace. Kelsia prayed silently over and over again for her to stay up, not to fall over and die.

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