It’s about time to give the fan fiction community a place in the spotlight again after such a long time of darkness following the collapse of our beloved Dark Library.

    As a first step to revive this wonderful aspect of the Diablo community, we’re introducing a weekly news post, for our dear writers over at the Fan Fiction forum.

    We’re starting out with the first three chapters of Tamrend’s massive work The Key, which started way back in 2000. It’s about two girls named Shael and Kelsia who are on a quest to give a staff to a man named Seth. Seth is located at the Shepherd?s Hearth Inn in Dalmers Ferry and lets just say they meet some interesting things along the way…

    Starting with the first chapter, here is an interesting introduction to what has become probably the longest running series material on the net (much like Diii.net itself).

      ?Who do you think he was?? Shael squeaked excitedly. It made her sound like a child, far younger than her fourteen years. Kelsia frowned at the question, then moved out from behind the cover of the boulder. She wanted to get a closer look at the body.

      The man lay on his side, his face obscured by a tangle of long, blood-matted hair. One hand clutched a pale staff lying partially beneath him. His skin was so light that it was nearly white and his clothing was of a strange cut and material, its surface seeming to shimmer like flowing water as it caught the sun?s rays. Surrounding him in a rough circle was a light dusting of black, white and gray, like dirty snow. Kelsia bent and pinched up a bit of the stuff. It felt gritty when she rubbed her fingers together. ?It?s ash,? she said aloud, ?and still warm. Strange.? She looked once again at the body, untouched by the fire.

    Here’s the second chapter snippet as well.

      “You’ll meet me at the edge of Graegor?s estate,” Shael said, putting a hand on Kelsia’s arm. The light from the tavern cast her face half in light, half in shadow. Her tone suggested that she thought Kelsia might try to leave without her.

      ?I?ll be there,? Kelsia promised. She was anxious to be off. They were each going to warn their families about the possible attack.

      ?See that you are, and stay out of trouble,? Shael admonished as she shouldered the satchel of food scraps they had weaseled from the tavern cook. She started away towards her house, the satchel bouncing against her side as she ran. Kelsia turned and set off with a brisk stride in the opposite direction, alone in the deepening darkness.

    The third chapter, Over the Highlands, is also archived in the wiki, and is available to read.

    Next week we’ll continue the adventures of Shael and Kelsia, conveniently posted in bitesize format. If you have made fan fiction that has not yet been posted in the fan fiction forum, or just got inspired to do so, head over there and post your material, or ask questions to other fan writers regarding lore, writing style or other input. See you next week!

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