The Curse of Tristram Trailer: SC2 Modding

The Curse of Tristram Trailer: SC2 Modding

curse-of-tristram1A couple of months back we posted a short video showing some gameplay from The Curse of Tristram, a Diablo 2 style game being created via modding the Starcraft 2 game engine. The project has progressed since then, and today the first trailer has been released.

It shows gameplay action in several different environments nicely modeled after D2 areas, including the Act One caves and surface areas, plus the Act Five snowy ruins you see in the screenshot. There are even UI windows just like those from Diablo 2, with customizable classic four attributes, skill trees with skill points, etc. Check it out, The Curse of Tristram Trailer: SC2 Modding.

I don’t know if it’s actually any fun to play, and it would be nice if they could get the movement speed to match the frantic leg motion, and that Starcraft futuristic font has to go. Still, to paraphase the saying about how you feel watching a bear ride a bike or a dog walk on its hind legs, “It is not done well; but you are surprised to find it done at all.”

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7 thoughts on “The Curse of Tristram Trailer: SC2 Modding

  1. The SC2 engine is rather amazing with how much one can mod it.  On the flip side though, it also retains the "feel" of that engine so certain things like movement speed are (currently) limited and the movement/combat itself will play like it does in SC2 (so right-click to move around for example).Still, the person put in a lot of time to create a mod of this level.

    • Hello

      the curse of tristram use the same control of diablo2. Left mouse for move and right mouse for skill/attack. You can switch skill you saved in the slot of your choice with F1-F2-F3 etc.

  2. I miss those skill trees, environments and art style a lot. The footsteps that Diablo 3 should have followed, but didn't. Very sad, and strange.

  3. See when the cursor highlighted the hardcore option, it said that it provides a mf boost. That’s awesome!

  4. If you really have that much of a nostalgia fetish that you want a game that looks exactly like Diablo II, then instead of playing this why not just wank it to videos of old Pindleskin runs? Seems like the same thing.

  5. Exactly I'd rather just play Diablo2. Nothing wrong with the graphics etc. This just looks like D2 with much worse gameplay :)Anyways nice effort though..

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