The Curse of Tristram: D2.5 via SC2 Modding

The Curse of Tristram: D2.5 via SC2 Modding

Fans have created a playable Diablo game via extensive modding of Starcraft II, and the first five minutes can be seen in a new video on YouTube. It starts off where Diablo 2: Lod ended, with Tyrael about to destroy the Soulstone within Mt. Arreat. The hero is then sent back to Tristram and Deckard “Still Talking” Cain, where the battle begins.

The interface is pretty good, in a Diablo 1 style view, and the sounds and graphics are great. Just try to overlook the character movement, with the fastest tiny little steps I’ve ever seen.

The Curse of Tristram: D2.5 via SC2 Modding:

The project’s homepage appears to be run via Facebook, and you can see it here.

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3 thoughts on “The Curse of Tristram: D2.5 via SC2 Modding

  1. dat walk rofl!

    sad that 5 minutes are over so fast, i got sucked right into it.

  2. If they added D2 music to rifts like they did with SC2, that would be brilliant. D3 soundtrack is too low key.

  3. I wonder if it’s possible to extract the graphical files from the D3 console discs, and import them to PC and add them to the mod?D3 graphics/animatrions are pretty cool, but the music and sound is kind of fail. (except health globes, health globes rock)

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