The Chinese “Big Pineapple” Contests

Talking to Secondii, one of the mods at this afternoon, he pointed me to the plethora of amusing entries they’ve received from readers for their two ongoing “win a beta key” contests. One is the Diablo beards contest, which they’re administering in their role as NetEase, the official Blizzard provider in China. I like that in their contest, you can actually win a beta key, rather than just prominent placement of a photo of yourself looking unkempt on

The other contest is also for beta keys, and it’s an “I love Diablo III” photo essay. Fans just have to send in pictures of themselves doing something to show their love, and while looking through those pics I found one that made me laugh. You see it below on the left, along with what’s clearly their best Diablo beard (mustache?) contest entry.

If you’re sharing my confusion about how Diablo might sound like “ample bosom” in Chinese, here’s the explanation I got from Secondii. The pronunciation of “Diablo” in Mandarin sounds a lot like the phrase, “big pineapple.” No, really. And this contest entrant ran with that, turning it into slang for “large boobs.” I’ve never heard anyone use “pineapple” as an adjective for that most womanly delight, but “melons” is one common slang term, and that’s not too different? Envision a whole pineapple, after the sharp exterior has been trimmed away, leaving just a golden, smooth, gleaming, deliciously-rounded form that you just want to um… *cough*

Anyway, apparently the “big pineapple” thing has become a meme for Chinese Diablo players, so if you find yourself in a Beijing gaming cafe, you’ll know what to ask for.

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  1. Well, it’s official.  From now on, whenever I see a cute Asian girl, I will think of this picture and be disturbed.  Particularly troubling, since I am in a 12 year relationship with a cute Asian girl.  (sigh) Thanks.  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go stroke my girlfriend’s luscious, luscious “stash”.

    • words can’t describe how cool you sound right now.

      please note the sarcasm.

    • Go for the pineapples!

      BTW, if you’ve been in a relationship with anyone for 12 years, there is no way they can still be described as a “girl.” Unless you started at like, 4…

      • It’s really all in the way she acts.  Makes me feel downright mature in comparison.
        @Dude: Well I did note the bitter loneliness..

        • lol. the mark of true loneliness is “bragging” about a 12 year relationship with a “cute asian girl” to strangers online. and somehow using that as evidence of another’s relationship status. if this is you being mature compared to her, she must be a chimp or something.

  2. Asian girls… 😯 they deserve a beta key.  😉

  3. Hmmm. My interpretation of what Secondii meant was that ‘Diablo’, when pronounced in Mandarin, sounds like ‘big pineapple’. And then ‘big pineapple’ then sounds like ‘ample busom’ in Mandarin rather than ‘big pineapple’ being a slang term or something for ‘big boobs’.

    (I’m not Chinese though and don’t know Chinese, so I might have tottally misinterpreted it myself lol.)

    • Nope, “big pineapple” is an actual slang for big boobs in chinese (im chinese). But, seriously diablo does not sound like “big pineapple” in chinese. You got to be seriously lame or sex-crazed to link them together. 

      Also, “big pineapple” is not exactly the right translation to the chinese word Da Bo, but since it is a slang it is hard to pin down the exact translation for it. the Bo can mean “wave” which would make it “big wave”. But i suspect the start of the slang is a cantonese version, where Bo can mean a ball. like, dai bo = big football. 😛 

      Incidentally Bo is also the starting word in chinese word for Melon Pan (Bo Lo Bao). It is called melon, but looks like a pineapple no?

      • Cool thanks for the clarification 🙂

      • I’ve never used or heard the term big pineapple being used as a slang for big boobs.. Bo yes, but that’s Cantonese, and I know mainlanders has the tendency to butch the Chinese language by adapting Cantonese phrases into Mandarin, making things confusing.

  4. man why’d you post this, now all the lame guys with asian fetish will have to post something creepy

  5. The guy on the left couldn’t find an example of an ample bosom from Diablo art or fan art? That picture he did use looks like it could be something from a Chinese MMO, maybe.
    Oh, and FYI on the girls with mustaches passing for ‘Diableards’. In Mandarin Chinese, there doesn’t seem to be any distinction between mustache and beard. It’s all just ‘beard’ (huzi) in common usage. When I teach the word ‘mustache’ it seems to be a new concept for most students. Just an example of language following either culture (beards don’t seem to be popular over here) or perhaps physiognomy (most Chinese men have difficulty growing full beards/mustaches).

  6. Molina
    September 29, 2011 at 13:59
    Asian girls… they deserve a beta key.

    Hell yeah!

  7. ??? : Big pineapple
    Pronounced like daboluo
    daboluo – diablo!

  8. The second image reminds me of the mario commercial with all the mustaches:

  9. Thanks for giving me some fine laughs with this post Flux. 🙂

  10. “I’ve never heard anyone use “pineapple” as an adjective for that most womanly delight, but “melons” is one common slang term, and that’s not too different?”
    It’s not an adjective… it’s a noun. Being used metaphorically. Sexually objectify the ladies all you want, but please respect your grammatical categories!

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