The “Carpet Tristram” Project

Okay, that’s just a name I made up, but it seems appropriate for this screenshot and the process behind it. The artist is Brokenstorm, who is enlisting the assistance of other beta testers in an effort to completely cover the ground in town with items.

Say what you will about the boredom of beta testers, but you have to admit that it’s a really cool screenshot. Click it to see it much larger. Most of those bundle things are DiabloWikicommon scraps, if any non-testers didn’t recognize them. Also, interesting how the potions drop all at the same angle, like Tetris pieces, except for a couple at the borders that got disoriented.

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  1. Seems like such a waste of time considering the imminent wipe. But strangely beautiful and compelling.

  2. So that’s what the white items are for…

  3. So that’s what the white items are for…

  4. Why not try to get some images made with all those colours?

  5. Haha, reminds me of the 1 gold split to fill Rogue Encampment in D2 😛

    EDIT: Or D1 single player, where whole Tristram was your stash 🙂

  6. item’s will start magically disappearing.

  7. Rainbow colour mode on Lego pieces… that’s a nice childhood!

    Oh, wait…

  8. Sign of beta boredom. Looks nice, nonetheless. 🙂

  9. I think they should give this shine effect only to legendary items. It would reduce the rainbow level of this game.

    • It really helps when you’re in a dungeon or whatever to see when something’s dropped, regardless of whether or not you like how it looks.

      • If it’s really that dark in a dungeon that you barely can see something drop they really should just highlight the items with a white colour. I mean those blue, orange and yellow colours aren’t that necessary IMO.

        • It lets you know at a glance (regardless of which options you chose for item tags) what the quality/type of the item is, though, which is handy.

          This was done in other games like Borderlands and it just ends up being a part of the scenery that you only truly notice when you want to.

  10. Am I the only one that is annoyed that all armor looks alike when on the ground. At least in Diablo 2 the leather stuff looked made out of leather and not plate, etc…

  11. The items on the ground look like shit. Overly cartoony, looks like they’re taken strait out of wow. D2 had the problem of them being too dark/gritty, to the point where you couldn’t recognize them, but that’s the total opposite.

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