The Book of Cain Returns!

One of the coolest pieces of DiabloWikiDiablo III Merchandise to yet be revealed, the DiabloWikiBook of Cain first appeared on June 30, 2011, with a listing on That entry included the book description and the cover artwork, and gave a release date of 11/11/2011. The listing was removed a few days later, without any kind of official comment by Blizzard, and it’s been gone ever since. (Though listings on Amazon UK, Canada, and Germany remained online.)

Thanks to HolyKnight for noticing that the book has returned to with a new listing, new cover art, eight sample pages, and a release date of November 25, 2011. Sadly, the sample pages are only 400px in width and are thus too small to read, (challenge accepted?) but you can get an idea of the artwork and overall quality and content of the 148 page tome. As suspected, it does look like a much-expanded version of DiabloWikiDeckard Cain’s Journal, but that’s not a bad thing.

You see a couple of sample pages below; click to the DiabloWikiBook of Cain wiki article for all of the book images, plus more product info.

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  1. Ordered it!   $23 and with my free shipping that was an easy no brainer.   Looking forward to reading it over the holidays.

  2. I’m holding off on this as I bet this will be part of the collector’s edition

    • Agreed I was thinking the same thing. and if it doesn’t then I’ll buy it.

    • It won’t be… if it was then it would be listed after the collectors edition was announced and it’s contents revealed and probably wouldn’t be coming out til after the game’s release… the books they release with their ce’s are art books only… this is more text than art…

      • Since the game won’t come out this year and the book is ready, it would make sense they would sell the book separately and then maybe include it with the collectors edition so that crazy fans will still buy CE even if they already bought the book. I don’t know… but I will wait and see.

      • I agree.  I can almost guarantee this won’t be in the CE.   I have a few CE’s from blizzard and there has never been anything this nice.

  3. Is this backstory for d3?

    • Pretty much… it’s all the events leading up to Diablo 3 including the 20 year gap with a lot of nice new art to go with… I’m sad they didn’t include the mephisto page in the samples with the other two… but that new diablo sketch is freaking awesome!

  4. At least this one have a release date HAHAHAHAHHAAahahaa ahah a ah a…..   😐

  5. So is this sticking around now?

    Art is friggin’ beautiful. I like that Deckard Cain is now tagged by amazon as an author. 😀

  6. And you know it is funny. The old monk rune artwork i tried so hard to research. Its there for all to see on the left image and the monks own runes are all changed.

  7. lol at people thinking this will be in the CE  .
    I bet my nut it won’t be in the CE

  8. Looks bad ass, now where’s my Beta Key.

  9. Just ordered mine. Can’t wait for it to come in. Now if only Blizz would send out beta invites to all who preordered 😀

  10. why Nov 25 ?

    and why put it on amazon now ?

    why not show it/announce it at BlizzCon and put it on amazon then ?

  11. Now, that is the badass Diablo we all know and love! Not that hydralisk’s cousin skullhead :(.

  12. They already have my money. There is no way I can resist getting this. I have already pre-ordered mine. It is my belief that this WONT be in the Collectors Edition. If they intended on putting it in the CE, then they wouldn’t have bothered to sell it separately. The CE already will come with an exclusive art book, it wont come with this book too.

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