Blizzard sneaked this piece of monster concept art into their gallery some time ago, without any fanfare. We saw it at the time, but someone it slipped through the cracks and didn’t get added to our Diablo 3 Monster Art gallery until recently. Now that it’s been added, it deserves a news post to welcome it to the fold. So here it is… the DiabloWikiBone Reaver!

    We know nothing of it save for what we can see in this piece of concept art. Nothing like this was seen in the Blizzcon demo last year, and it’s not yet made an appearance in any of the D3 screenshots or gameplay movies. It looks like a cross between a Claw Viper and a Wraith; a skeletal scorpion of some sort, with bonus human skull ornamentation? Is it really wearing furs on its um… neck? Does it crawl, fly, or shoot lasers from its eyes?  (Not that it appears to have any eyes. Or even a head, for that matter.) There’s no telling, but you’re free to speculate.



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