We posted that photo of mysterious crystal artwork in the Blizzard museum yesterday, and a lot of fans, probably influenced by the fact that a Starcraft fansite took the picture, argued that it depicted minerals from Starcraft. We knew that was not the case since the picture was in the Diablo III section of the museum, but we didn’t know what it was. A black soulstone?

    Actually, yes. It’s a Black Soulstone. Something we know for sure thanks to KuangTu (who I interviewed in a recent TDP) of Diablo3.cc, who shared the info in comments, and some “pics cause it did happen” images in a forum thread.


    So now that we know it’s definitely from Diablo III, and it’s called “black soulstone” … what’s a black soulstone?

    It’s not smoothly-shaped for forehead insertion, as the D2 soulstones were. Frankly anywhere you put this rock into your body is really going to hurt. Is this huge, three-lobed soulstone something that somehow unites Diablo/Mephisto/Baal, ALA Diablo with those mouths on his shoulders in the cinematic artwork? Is it a soulstone that Belial and/or Azmodan are somehow using to increase their powers? Is it related to Tyrael? Can someone cite some lore/Diablo novel quote to relate to a black soulstone?

    The field is wide open for speculation.

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