Those of you on the dark side of the DiabloWikiArt Controversy might enjoy a new Diablo 2 mod. It’s by SheX and is called The Black Parade. Diii.net has not tested or otherwise evaluated this mod, so no endorsement is given or implied, but it does sound like a change of pace, at least. You can get it from ModDB.

    Here’s a quote of the features, plus a screenshot. Thanks to the Examiner for the tip.

    All monsters in this mod very strong. If you do not possess strong patience and love ocean of experience, characters with unique/uber items like “tank” or “superman”, this mod NOT FOR YOU! Only morally strong player can pass this mod. It something like test of your tolerance.

    * Strongly decreased “cool” drop
    * All world in black-and-white tones
    * Atmosphere changed to real dark and scary
    * Added dark music and sounds
    * Removed all “monsters”… Added real monsters!
    * Increased power of monsters
    * Decreased population of monsters
    * Enabled ladder runewords and Cube Recipes
    * Changed some maps
    * Added new cube recipes ( see in database )
    * Added Unique and set Items from E=mc2 mod ( see database )
    * All unique and set items cannot be repaired
    * Added new runewords ( see database )
    * Decreased price for all items
    * Decreased durability for all items
    * Reward for Dark Malus from Griswold will be Unique Item
    * Increased reward for quests Den of Traitor, Radament and Izual

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