The Best Way to Farm Non-Torment Legendary Items?

A fan asks about finding the much-sought after DiabloWikiTasker and Theo legendary gloves and gets blue confirmation for the question.

Since TnT is not a Torment only item, farming in non-torment difficulty should remove a fairly good part of the shared pool and “increase” the chances to get them?
Grimiku: It’s true that Tasker and Theo gloves can drop in any difficulty, and there are some items that only drop in Torment and above. Obviously, looking for these gloves in Torment difficulty will increase the number of competing items per drop, but higher difficulties also increase the drop frequency.[/source]

In the post Grimiku helpfully links to our article listing all of the Torment-only legendary items, but really, that might as well be called Torment-set items, since the only items you can’t find until Torment are the higher quality set items, plus DiabloWikiLegendary Follower items and DiabloWikiLegendary Potions. All of the orange armor and weapons in the game can be found below Torment, and you’ll get better odds of finding them there, if you find a legendary of that item type, since there are fewer possible items it can be.

The question, of course, is one Grimiku mentions. Since you’ll get many more legendary items (out of the total items found) on higher difficulty levels, you probably have better chances to find any specific legendary item playing on a higher difficulty, even if your chances of getting on specific orange glove are slightly reduced by the Smart Drop inclusion of (for a Witch Doctor) the Helltooth and Jade Harvester gloves, plus the any-class Pride of the Invoker.

According to the drop odds tables for Patch 2.1, TnT has a 3.70% chance of dropping for a WD, if a legendary glove drops, below Torment difficulty. On Torment+, TnT has just a 1.75% chance of being the glove that drops. So if you can find twice as many legendary items on a Torment+ difficulty (you probably find 10x as many if you’re strong enough to roll pretty well on T5 ot T6)

So gamble gloves on normal = best way to find TnT, I guess. I hadn’t gambled below Torment in forever, but commenters point out that gambling now ignores difficulty level in terms of Torment-only items showing up, so it’s no help. A gambling WD = 1.75% chance of TnT if a legendary glove rolls.

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  1. Doesn't gambling ignore your current difficulty though? I'm pretty sure they let you gamble torment sets on normal because otherwise ungeared characters would have to change their difficulty to gamble, then change back.

    Probably the fastest way to get any non-weapon non-jewelry legendary item is to farm rift keys and then join the new rift community as a leech. Leech up the blood shards and gamble until your eyes bleed.

  2. Am I the only one who sees the format for the blue quote all broken?

  3. "So gamble gloves on normal = best way to find TnT, I guess."

    Kadala's loot is independent of your game's difficulty.

  4. The best way to find a specific item is the one Flux mentioned: clearing Rifts on the highest difficulty you can to get as much Legendaries as possible, while also gaining Blood Shards to spend on the given item slot at Kadala. Ideally you want to do this in a party where the others will be willing to give you the item in question if it drops for them. If it's a Set item you want to play with players of the same class.

  5. In the end, it was just a useless post. lol

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