The Best Co-Op PC Games

Game Guru has posted an article with their top seven PC co-op games of all time. The list is Blizzard-heavy, with WoW, D2, and SC2 on the list, and no, Diablo II is not #1.

There’s nothing that spells timeless hack and slash gameplay better than Diablo II. Having released nearly a decade ago, this game has since been receiving endless acclaim from all over the globe. In its co-op mode, a faction of seven players can work together while engaging in skirmishes with the dark forces. Either LAN or can be utilized by gamers to delve into the online offerings of this incredible title. Fans are now gearing up for Diablo III, which is scheduled to ship early next year.

Whether Diablo III will earn a spot on this list remains to be seen. I’ve not been overwhelmed by the co-op of D3 thus far in my testing; it’s a fun game for everyone playing, and things like individual drops remove annoyances we saw in D2, but on the other hand, there are few things actually changed by additional players in your game, ala D2’s Curses or Auras or WarCries. PvP in D3 is vastly improved, and it’s played in teams, but does that really count as co-op?

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15 thoughts on “The Best Co-Op PC Games

    • I think you mean 7, since there is no 8.

      Also why the the first spot a game where most people, play 1 vs 1. 
      Lots of people doesn’t even play co-op in that game.

  1. I don’t think he meant 7. Either you have legendarily poor mastery of the English language or you’re a good troll because your entire post is either wrong or flat out gibberish.

    • I thought he meant number 8 on the list, which there is only 7 games on the list.
      Also number one is Starcaft where most people play 1vs1.

  2. Ah, ok I figured out what you were trying to say. You need to learn what commas are for because your usage of them turns a barely legible sentence into complete nonsense. Anyways, a good point you make. SC2 is hardly a co-op game it’s PvP.

  3. I understand if you are just talking about your experiences with D3 beta but there are more auras and support skills in D3 than there were in D2. I don’t know about your D2 experience but I can’t say that auras or war cries enhanced game-play in any way or were a reason to team up rather than a quantitative amplifier to preexisting reasons. Curses were more noticeable but there are numerous abilities in D3 that fill similar roles in a more dynamic way than point and curse, now that monster is weaker.

    So if, as I believe, the skills in D3 will create more dynamic co-op play than the skills in D2(did anyone not just spam damage regardless of how many people were with them?) and the monsters are harder and have better ai as has been promised what is holding D3 back from being a good co-op experience and, if we are willing to take of the rose-tinted glasses, a better experience than D2?

    I would count team PvP as co-op. You have to cooperate with your team to meet objectives(just killing as far as we know?) Is there a reason not to? If PvP and co-op were for some reason mutually exclusive terms then I wouldn’t (but Starcraft 2 got #1 on their list and the vast majority of co-op in that game is through mods or in team PvP.)

    Also, I agree with Mark that your comments were hard to read. Felt like you texted this in drunk.

  4. How in the hell is PvP vastly improved in D3? Blizzard must be realy good at brain-washing. Only PvP mode is 3vs3 or 4vs4 arena in D3 and people consider it as the next big thing since sliced-bread. The last time I remember in D2, there were open world PvP, 1-8 vs 1-8 many variations of party PvP, duels and lots of possible situations in the world.

    Streamlined, pre-defined, highly-controlled, easy, unpunishing, non-rewarding games have no existence in this area anymore. 

    Blizzard limits players’ choices and players think “WoW, what a good feature.” Don’t you want to think? If you’re too scared about PK in D2, pray that developers at least included a button to warn you to get prepared.

    BTW, co-op is nothing in my eyes. Competitive co-op is the real thing.

    • One word: griefers.

      I and many others only ever played D2 alone in password protected games (or with Guild mates) because of “pvpers” who were nothing but fun-ruining griefers. The removal of griefing in Diablo III is a VAST improvement over Diablo II.

      And this isn’t about being “too scared.” It’s about having the way I wanted to play ruined. You may mourn the loss of more options, but they were removed because people abused them. You should blame them for that, not me.

    • Wait you cant do 1vs1 PVP in D3? Yet another stupid decision…..

      And who cares about “griefers” like you said, you can just make a private game and play with your friends or guild mates. To say the removal of a PVP feature is a good thing when there are ways to work around it is just plain stupid.

        • Well in diablo 2 they werent exactly balanced either but it was still an option. I just dont get it, i dont even care if they are balanced or not i mean, what if i wanted to battle my wizard against a friends wizard to see who’s is best? Now i cant and that is dumb. Is there even such a thing as “balanced pvp” in any RPG???? I cant recall one…. If i want a balanced fighting experience ill play a fighting game. If i want to say my character can whoop your characters ass in an RPG i should at least have the option to prove it via 1vs1 pvp.

      • There is no 1v1 arena, that doesn’t mean you can’t duel in whatever open PvP mode they implement.

        They are removing the ability to force someone into PvP in D3, not the ability to PvP.

  5. You will hate it even more if D3 ever gets the spambots that d2 has…. I think its dumb too, they should have given us at least a 6 player max. And I better not hear someone say “its because they cant balance the game with that many” because it really doesnt need to be that balanced. If there is a whole group of 7 people kicking ass and taking names its their choice to play it that way. If people wanted a bigger challange they can go play alone or in a smaller group. Having a CHOICE on how to play the game is not a bad thing contrary to what most the sheeple tend to believe.

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