Game Guru has posted an article with their top seven PC co-op games of all time. The list is Blizzard-heavy, with WoW, D2, and SC2 on the list, and no, Diablo II is not #1.

    There’s nothing that spells timeless hack and slash gameplay better than Diablo II. Having released nearly a decade ago, this game has since been receiving endless acclaim from all over the globe. In its co-op mode, a faction of seven players can work together while engaging in skirmishes with the dark forces. Either LAN or Battle.net can be utilized by gamers to delve into the online offerings of this incredible title. Fans are now gearing up for Diablo III, which is scheduled to ship early next year.

    Whether Diablo III will earn a spot on this list remains to be seen. I’ve not been overwhelmed by the co-op of D3 thus far in my testing; it’s a fun game for everyone playing, and things like individual drops remove annoyances we saw in D2, but on the other hand, there are few things actually changed by additional players in your game, ala D2’s Curses or Auras or WarCries. PvP in D3 is vastly improved, and it’s played in teams, but does that really count as co-op?

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