The Barbarian Unleashed on Diablo III: Darkness Falls, Heroes Rise page

Blizzard have unleashed the DiabloWikiBarbarian on the Diablo III: Darkness Falls, Heroes Rise page. As with the DiabloWikiDemon Hunter we get a short story, a spotlight video showcasing the Barbarian, a chance to win some cool prizes and the exclusive Class Sigil.

The barbarians.

Mighty warriors whose strength and ferocity are a match for any foe, whether slavering beast or foul demon. Tall, broad, and rippling with muscle, the barbarian can bear a heavy weapon too large for a commoner to lift, or wield two full-sized armaments—one in each hand—with wickedly lethal purpose. In the wild and monstrous lands of Sanctuary, there is nothing more frightening than a barbarian with a dry blade.

The Barbarian got a background-building short story as well, which you can read here.

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3 thoughts on “The Barbarian Unleashed on Diablo III: Darkness Falls, Heroes Rise page

  1. My face when I watched the portuguese dubbed version of this video: ?_?

    Not only they used a word for word translation in many cases but they also made mistakes in the concordance. When the barb says “You cannot stand before me” in the video they translated it to “Vocês não são pareo para mim”, the equivalent of “You are no match for me”. This translation specifically would be decent enough, if wasn’t the error in the concordance, because “pareo” should be in the plural and become “pareos”. This type of error is intolerable in an AAA game like D3.
    I know people can always change the language, but is still a huge mistake that had to be corrected before the launch, but I doubt it will.
    Now I’m waiting for the dubbing of Cain to know if I ROFL or hang myself. I’m 100% sure his dubbing will suck because his most renowned speech “Stay a while and listen” cannot be decently translated to portuguese, not to mention Michael Gough’s voice (Cain’s voice) that is irreplaceable.

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